NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS




1 MW on the left. Today via Earthcam.


that’s 277 Fifth.


Core: 40/67, 59%
Steel: 19/67, 28%


Your right now that I look at it and the orientation,. woops :frowning:


It happens to the best of us ha




I have to say I was down on this project the whole time until those last pictures of the curtain wall. Pure class.





great shot. I can’t wait till it surpasses 3 Manhattan West this month. The core already sticks out prominently.


here’s our first good look at the hotel. As expected, nothing significant height wise.




View from Empire/Moynihan Station

Roof Terrace of 5 Manhattan West

Highly recommend watching this video below

It goes through the sweeping changes occurring from 8th Ave to 10th ave. The amount of development and investment is insane with just this project and Empire/Moynihan Station… without even showcasing the largest development in the country next door, Hudson Yards.…mp4


If anything, this made me pretty excited about the Moynihan Station. I know there’s an initiative to rebuild Penn going around but that’s a pipe dream.



looks like the core is about to pass 3 MW which is ~700’

20171215-062 by Bob_Rico, on Flickr


From my trip to the Whitney yesterday:

From Gansevoort and Greenwich:

From the Whitney:


Nice pics baronson. If they left it like that it could pass for another Gene Kaufman special