NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


I have a feeling these buildings will disappear into the sky, like 4WTC :wink:

Maybe even more so because of the radiused corners.


Morgan Stanley is supposedly intested in leasing 1.9m sf in the other, yet to be built MW tower.

It sucks that they’re not going to 2 WTC. Let’s hope that DB saves the day.


I remember an article saying that the 2nd Manhattan West tower would begin this past summer. Wonder if they’ve done any prep/excavation yet for that.


it has started.


Thanks John, you’re such a wealth of information!





YIMBY has a great article. The height cut is no big deal.

Supposedly Morgan Stanley will occupy this entire tower.

First Filings Submitted For Manhattan West’s Second Office Tower Show Height Decrease, Hudson Yards


Yesterday, YIMBY reported on the latest progress at Brookfield’s Manhattan West, in Midtown West/Hudson Yards. Today, the first filings have appeared for the site’s second office tower, which will sit on the northwest corner of 31st Street and Ninth Avenue, and has evidently seen a moderate height chop.

Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill LLP will be designing the building, and it will have a total construction area measuring just shy of 1.75 million square feet. Within that, the entirety of the usable 1,693,220 square feet will be for commercial use. The tower will rise 59 floors and 849 feet to its rooftop, a considerable drop from the original estimates of over 1,000 feet, and approximately 70 floors.

There may still be a rooftop element that adds a few dozen feet to the parapet, but this will no longer be an actual supertall, falling short of the 300-meter (984-foot) threshold.

The filings are the first sign that Brookfield is moving forward with its second office tower. Leasing activity has been very strong for 1 Manhattan West, with Ernst & Young recently taking 600,000 square feet, and between the new building and what’s left at 401 Ninth Avenue, about two million square feet remains available.

No completion date has been announced yet, but with 1 Manhattan West’s superstructure now past the 30th floor, and both 3 Manhattan West and 5 Manhattan West finished, 2 Manhattan West is the last major piece of the puzzle before the site begins to approach finality. There will also be a smaller hotel component dubbed 4 Manhattan West, though that will apparently be the last phase of the project.


Robert, since the height is being cut, does that open up additional air rights for another tower on the site, or will this be the last tower built here?


I think this will be the last one MJ.


Interesting. That begs the question; are there any transferable air rights from the properties then?


There will be a fourth new tower for a hotel and condos. It’s possible if there were any air rights leftover that they might build higher for more lucrative condos, though views will be limited either way.


Anybody else relieved these towers will be different heights?

The renderings that showed them at the same height created too much of a plateau, in my opinion.


I agree! I like the more step-wise pinnacle this will create!


some cell phone shots






lovely pics!


It is hard to find a good angle at street level to see any progress at 2MW, but there was an excavator yesterday doing some work near where 2 will go.

Sorry for the bad shot.


From near gansevoort…