NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


core setback.

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Huge score for Brookfield for 5 MW!

Amazon’s expansion plan in New York includes a new 359,000-square-foot office in Manhattan.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Amazon add an administrative office at 5 Manhattan West, a 16-story building with 1.7 million square feet of space. The new location will enable Amazon to create 2,000 new jobs in four departments: finance, information technology, marketing and sales.

Amazon opened a 350,000-square-foot administrative office at 7 West 34th Street in 2014. The company created more than 500 jobs and received $5 million in tax credits to open the new facility.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced that it would open its first fulfillment center in New York. The 855,000-square-foot facility will be located in the Global Logistics Park on Staten Island.

The center, which helps Amazon fulfill orders and ship products ordered by customers, will create 2,250 full-time jobs. Like other projects, it will be supported by tax credits. Empire State Development has pledged to provide up to $18 million in incentives linked to job creation goals.

Amazon’s expansion in New York is part of its goal to create 100,000 new full-time jobs in the U.S. by mid-2018. Paul Kotas, senior vice president of worldwide advertising for Amazon, said the company is on pace to achieve that goal.

“We’re excited to expand our presence in New York — we have always found great talent here,” Kotas said.





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MIDTOWN — One worker was dead and another in serious condition after falling from a bucket lift at a Ninth Avenue construction site Thursday afternoon, according to officials and sources.

The two men fell from the third-floor at 401 Ninth Ave. near West 33rd Street around 2 p.m., the NYPD and FDNY said.

The first victim was declared dead at the scene, while the second was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, an FDNY spokesman said. The second victim was expected to survive, according to the NYPD.


That is horrible. This kind of thing seems to be happening on an almost regular basis.


My friend sent this to me from his place of employment today:


That’s 2 today after the guy fell at seaport residences. This is terrible. These poor guys


Looking at the large render I posted, it looks like the top of both 1 and 2 Manhattan West will have the same features as the Comcast Center in Philly does. The glass acts like a wall itself while it’s held in place by another structure leaving a gap by a few feet that fits between the glass. They are probably doing that for a lighting design, like the Comcast Center



that should leave almost 400k sqft left. Considering the building has 2.1M sqft in total and it’s not even half way finished, thats impressive.


O man, I just read about it too. He had the body harness, but it wasn’t clipped onto the fall protection system.


Damn shame. I hope we don’t get any more news like this



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Nice pics, Street!


Yesterday. The glass looks really reflective!