NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


That looks like the protective cocoon that will rise with the building as the floors get higher. Same as the yellow structure at the top of 30HY.


Thanks NYCboy! Now that you point it out, that makes sense. Just looks a little different than the others I guess


This reminds me of how salesforce looked about 14 months ago. So maybe we will be topped out with most glass up around this time next year?



Yea definitely similar construction style. I’m looking forward to 2mw as well


Nice shot, JC


Actually I didnt take that one. But found it in the salesforce tower thread from june 2016, and it reminded me of 1MW now.


The protective scaffolding above the steel pretty much confirms that this isn’t cladding







Nice shot, VG


5 MW



From last week.


Can anyone figure out where they currently are as compared to this floor plan map? I’m curious as to when it will start sloping in.

PS: These towers are nice, but the would have been better if the tops sloped.


the core just passed its first setback, that will be the start of the slope.


Sooo I’m trying this new thing since I myself am not in NYC
I’m just going on snap stories and searching for U/C pics so this is from an hour ago from 10 hudson yards so thats a pretty unique perspective
The quality is potato but something is something I guess


1 MW high and above. Along with the HY and the proxies around it.

Credit: Scott Woodruff




Too good to make a render! :wink: