NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS




Love the juxtaposition of the old/new in the background/foreground. All those pipes look like an organ of sorts. Great stuff.


New crane installed today


This building is being constructed just like how 3 World Trade was!




1 Manhattan West by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

1 Manhattan West by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr


It sucks that Silverstein can’t sign anyone at 2 WTC


I guarantee he is asking for too much. He has done that from the start. He’s too greedy to see that nobody is going to sign on with his asking rents for downtown until that tower is built and can be toured in person by other prospective tenants. Don’t get his logic. Never did.


I agree, Strong.


Core: 21/67, 31%
Steel: 10/67, 14%
2 Manhattan West: 0/69, 0%


I predicted long ago that E&Y would leave Times Square.

It sucks that they’re not anchoring 2 WTC though.

Brookfield’s success at Manhattan West has been astonishing. It’s in a grimy location.


So is 1MW completely leased now?

NHL to take 200k+
PFIZER To take 600k+
EY To take 1M+.

That is 1.8 but I think 1 MW is about 1.65?

The location now is grimy with a few nearby blocks which suck. But in the future this area will be much nicer, the entire MW project will look great when completed, and aside for the looks of the area now, it is 1 block from penn and across the street from moynihan which is ideal for these big tennants.

Hopefully with their successs, Brookfield will start 2MW soon. (I know most of us,( myself included) would rather have 2wtc, or 3hudson bvd start first and get an anchor before 2MW starts.


Skadden also has around 600k square feet.

I wonder if EY will anchor 2 MW. If Pfizer takes 600k sf, I don’t think that 1 MW has 1m sf left.


I agree, there is no more room to accommodate EY at 1 MW. The lease must be for the 2nd tower.


Hi, VG!

How’s your summer going?


according to BF 1MW is 2.1mm sf


Summer has been great, thanks!! I just returned from a little get away from ACK. Can’t believe how fast it has gone & soon kids are back to school!


I agree. Time flies!


after a little research, One Manhattan West has 2,024,120 out of 2,100,000 sf leased. (that i know of)

Skadden claimed 550,000
McKool smith took 64,120
NHL has 160,000
Accenture took 250,000 at the top floors
EY will now take 1,000,000.

The NHL also took 15k sf of retail space, I don’t know if the 2.1msf is a gross figure or just office space.


Then there’s no room left for Pfizer. Maybe they’ll go to 3 WTC.