NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


The bank has closed on a 15-year lease deal for about 300,000 square feet at Five Manhattan West, expanding office space for its digital teams from 125,000 square feet to 428,000 square feet, according to owner Brookfield Property Partners L.P.**

J.P. Morgan, which initially took space there in late 2014, has had success recruiting and keeping workers on its digital teams over the years, prompting its decision to take more space, bank executives said.**

“You can see the workforce, you can feel the vibe of what’s going on, and that makes all the difference,” said David Arena, head of J.P. Morgan’s global real estate. “It’s very distinct from an office tower geometrically and experientially.”

J.P. Morgan eventually expects to have 2,000 to 2,500 people at Manhattan West. The bank has one floor and is acquiring three more at the top of the 16-story building. The floor at the very top, which was once an ice-skating rink, is a double-height space with huge skylights and has a mezzanine, Mr. Arena said.




100,000+ft floor plates at 5mw! Damn. Good news that chase is moving more of their tech team here. Maybe they will move more of their offices to the yards in the future.





That’s a shame.


This heinous block makes me naseous.


Terrible news. Every day these guys are out there risking their necks to build the towers we know and love. My condolences


The skyline was built with blood and tears. The construction workers are the soldiers that lead the charge to build a great skyline amidst the hazards. Whereas the architects and developers are the generals, facing the usual political bs at home from communist NIMBYS!

We on the other hand, along with YIMBY members, are the spies and intelligence services. Snapping photos, doing research, and aiding the counterintelligence movement against the NIMBY swine in the effort of building a great skyline.

My war department metaphor for the skyline progress. :slight_smile:


I was photographing the site at the moment when this occurred, completely unaware of the tragedy that had just transpired. I heard sirens but you always hear sirens in the city. When the trucks arrived, a fireman with a stretcher yelled from behind me ‘no picutures, no pictures’- I was momentarily put off by this since I was already in the act of photographing but quickly realized that someone must have gotten hurt and of course honored their wishes. Very sorry for the loss.


In honor of all the men (and women) that actually construct these amazing buildings…


Let this building be their monument!


About 10 days old…



great shot of 5 Manhattan West!



It looks like Pfizer is moving here.


Wow. That is big news about pfizer taking so much space here.

Also awesome that Sheisedo is taking a lot of space at 390 Madison.

The core is peaking out through the yards now. Seen from weehawken.





Here is the hole for 4 MW. Not sure how active they have been here for this building?