NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


Wed., 1/18


This area is heinous. It requires a lot more development and serious landscaping.


It looks like the core inside is about to surpass the steel… maybe in 2 more weeks, the core will start rising above the steel


About god damn time, this tower and 217 west 57th street are like waiting for godot


I agree!


I suspect that 2 Manhattan West won’t be built for a long time.


I’m inclined to agree. The market has absorbed a lot of tenants seeking 600k - 1 mil sqft of commercial, class A. Two MW in itself is massive, and would require such a commitment. I can see for the time being, smaller towers picking up the residual demand, but in the meantime, larger, higher volume towers such as this will be delayed until the market is stronger (with tenants seeking 700k sq ft or more in one swoosh for example).

I think for 2017-2020, Rentals, and condos will be the bulk of the investment and the pipeline will reflect that. This boom cycle essentially built a majority of the space needed for the next 5 years, and I think what we will see are smaller developments catering to mid sized companies. But nothing on the level for 2012-2016 when it comes to office.

There are still major tenants seeking space, but the competition has kinda limited the odds for 2 MW. Likewise for 2 WTC,


I agree, Chris.

I think that the projects which won’t rise for years are:

2 MW
Tishman’s Spiral
Moinian’s Girasole, etc.


I just heard that they’re trying to get approval to build a bridge over 10th Ave, connecting 5 Manhattan West with Hudson Yards and The Highline.


That would be perfect! I hope it happens.




B&H, NYC by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr


Nice photo, hunser



This area needs a serious makeover!


Agreed. Most everything east of that church on this block should be razed. And that new building on the nw corner of 9th and 33rd should also be torn down even though it is still under construction. I think there is a reason that project isnt even on this site. It is horrible.


Time travelers…waiting for the bus in 2010


Foot traffic is going to increase a lot for the surrounding blocks with so much new business and residents coming online and down the pipeline 4-5 years.

Census results will come out soon btw. Estimates that is. I think we definitely hit 8.6 mil in the core. Actually, I think the true population is 9 million, because there are a lot of undocumented folks.




This one is rising again!

A couple weeks ago they added more steel to the very top inner core. (Above the massive outer ring walls. )

Roberts 2nd photo shows the concrete has now almost caught up to that inner core steel.