NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


It looks incredible!




There is a solid 4-6 months of work to do before steel can resume.

Core needs to get up, then concrete guys tower crane goes in, build build build, install climbing forms, climb 12-15 floors with concrete, then resume steel.


I thought the core is steel (like 30 HY)


Nope. Concrete.


WOW! this is an interesting approach to construction; build the frame, pause frame construction, then build the core, then resume frame construction.


The way the rebar is threaded through and around the central steel beams in the most recent photos, it looks like they’re pouring concrete directly around those steel beams.

So it seems that the base of the core is a combo of steel beams and concrete, not just one or the other. So obviously they’d need to get the steel in place first. And any steel that ties directly into it affects flex and stresses; better to get that all connected and stable as a system before pouring any concrete. (Said as a complete non-engineer, so I really have no idea.)


the core will be concrete above where steel is currently erected. steel will connect to the core as done at WTC3




Looks like they removed one crane from 30 Hudson Yards… Can we get some close up shots of the top of 30 Hudson yards?


Updated my render today


Oct 17



Oct 27


November 4


Great update Robert! Crane is up, we are ready to go!!


Thanks, NYC. I agree.


Is this 1 or 2 MW?


It’s 1 mw


Nov 8