NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


Great update Robert! The curves are looking good!


Thanks, NYC!

I agree. I think this will fly up now!




Nice photo, VG!






at this stage in construction, one might think this is some sort of massive art or canopy installation for a plaza behind hudson yards.


Super awesome shot Tectonic! I can’t believe that’s only the core


That is a fucking awesome shot, tec.

This wont be my favorite building when completed but it may be the most interesting tower regarding the construction process. Love it so far.


Just wondering, is this really ONLY the core? I ask that because if you look at the corners of this steel structure, would the workers and designers really need a core that includes curved steel pieces? The main renders show that both 1 & 2 M.W. have these so called curved corners, so maybe Tectonic’s photo shows that they built to the edge of the floor plates, including this “upside down hat truss” that takes the vertical loads of the building to the core (in the center of this steel structure) towards a small footprint of the foundation, since part of the building footprint is suspended above the pre-tensioned concrete spans. I might be totally wrong haha so whats your,k or anyone’s opinion?


Yep! Only the core!


I’m pretty sure you’re correct. The core is the “skinny waist”, Rounded corners = floor plate. I can’t imagine why a core would have rounded corners quite like that.

These buildings have a unique structural design due to the buildings overlapping the train yard below. They installed huge concrete “bridges” over the tracks to avoid pillars going down between the tracks. They bridges are very strong, but they can’t support a skyscraper, or even part of one. So they placed the building’s cores over solid ground, and put all of the weight onto the cores, so none rests on the bridges over the tracks. That’s the steel structure they’ve just completed and shown in the photo.

This shows the core design:

…from this video:





Nice shot, Tec!!!





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Wow! 5 Manhattan west looks really good.