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the birth of Shearwood Place


Workforce, luxury development to be steps from New Rochelle train station

26 Garden Street (Stagg Group)

NEW ROCHELLE – Two major development projects are scheduled to rise along Garden Street starting in fall 2020. While they have some similarities: both are slated to be mixed-use and have close proximity to the train station, they differ in terms of rental rates. One would be all affordable housing; the other would be mostly market rate.

Here’s a look at both projects:

26 Garden St.

Bronx-based developer The Stagg Group is planning a 14-story, 44,000 square-foot, mixed-use building. The property would have 187 residential units, 17,000 square-feet of commercial space and 3,000 square-feet of ground-floor retail space.

Stagg Group representative Mark Fonte told the city planning board recently the building would have a brick and limestone facade, two amenity floors for residents — including a gym, a washer and dryer in every apartment, open green space on the fifth floor and 241 spaces of onsite parking.

Jay Martino, The Stagg Group’s senior vice president of construction, said rates for the rental units have yet to be determined.

In addition to the market rate units, the 26 Garden St. project would also include at least 19 units of affordable housing, as per Westchester guidelines, which state 10 percent of newly constructed units must be made affordable. To qualify for an affordable unit, the applicant’s combined income cannot exceed 80 percent of the area’s median income. In Westchester, that equates to $74,950 a year for a two-person family and $93,650 for a four-person family.

Fonte said The Stagg Group also plans to build a corporate office inside the building. Construction is expected to begin April 2019.

“We’re excited to get this project in the ground and get it developed,” Fonte said.

The 26 Garden St. lot is currently empty. The Stagg Group project is aligned with the city’s ongoing transit oriented development plans designed to draw young professionals who like to live and play in close proximity while commuting for work.

The planning board indicated the project could receive final approval next month.


11 Garden St.

Across the street from 26 Garden St. is 11 Garden St. Currently a municipal parking lot, 11 Garden is one of the sites the city’s master developer, Manhattan-based RXR, has first rights to develop.

RXR intends to build a mixed-use development there in which all 219 units would be affordable.

“It will be indistinguishable from a luxury building,” Mayor Noam Branson said. “It is at a desirable location … with easy access to mass transit.”

Both the RXR and the Stagg Group projects would be a three-minute walk from the city’s train station.

Though RXR has not yet submitted a specific design for 11 Garden, Bramson said the idea would be to provide housing for people to work in the area and still have access to transit and amenities close to home.

Luiz Aragon, New Rochelle’s planning commissioner, said RXR would probably start construction at 11 Garden St. in fall 2019, with completion about 18 months after that.

The 11 Garden proposal is part of the city’s ongoing partnership with RXR, which has the first right to develop several municipal sites throughout New Rochelle’s downtown overlay zone.


Unanimously approved by the city council in 2015 and covering 279 acres in the central part of the city, New Rochelle’s downtown overlay zone allows for 12 million square feet of new development — including 6,370 new residential units.

Of the total square footage available in the overlay zone, RXR CEO Scott Rechler said 3.5 million to 4 million square feet are public and available for his company to develop or allow another company to propose something to the city.

One of RXR’s developments already underway in New Rochelle, the dual, 28-story, mixed-use towers of the Church and Division project south of Main Street, is tied to its proposed Garden Street project in one important way.

As part of New Rochelle’s comprehensive plan for the overlay zone, developers have three options for placing affordable housing units: include the units as part of the onsite development; build the units elsewhere in the city’s downtown overlay zone; or developers can pay into the city’s affordable housing fund.

A portion of the rental units at RXR’s Garden Street development would be available at the 80 percent of AMI rate, but there would also be units at a series of decreasing percentages of AMI. In exchange, all of the units in RXR’s Church and Division towers would be priced at market rate.

When all the downtown plans are complete, the residential unit ratio will shift toward market-rate units, Bramson said. But there will be more affordable units than there were before, he noted, and they’ll be in more desirable locations and in newly-constructed buildings.

“I think we’re getting the balance right,” Bramson said.

District 4 City Councilman Ivar Hyden said the 26 Garden development will meet a goal the city set before all the downtown development began.

“The idea was to create more genuine affordability for workforce people and young people who are starting out,” Hyden said. “You’re making $25,000, $30,000 a year it’s … difficult.”


that might look great if they don’t skimp on the facade. Looking through their website portfolio, they’ve developed some nice buildings in the Bronx.


I’m unaware of anyone else confirming a development at the library site but they’re boring in the parking lot of the facility. Potential DO-1 tower coming soon? :thinking: Same boring crew that was seen at 11 Garden Street months ago, so I believe something is definitely cooking.

It was pretty hard to snap a pic of them at work since I didn’t want to intrude or seem suspicious, so I skipped out on it. I’ll see if they’re still around later in the week.


I was wondering what they were doing. They’ve been there for the past couple of weeks.


Had no idea they were out on the site for that long. I also spotted them at the Prospect St. parking lot, right next to the Church-Division site, but that was a couple of weeks ago. They’re definitely scoping out the sites for sure. Hopefully they’re (I’m assuming it’s RXR) planning something really great for the city.


211 North Ave has been demolished. With all of the activity recently, I assume something is going on. Have any plans been disclosed for a development at this site?


Three lots along North Ave will be razed as part of the 14 Lecount project; 207, 209, and 211 North Avenue. There are also three lots along Main Street that will be razed; 455, 459, and 463 Main Street.

So the project’s footprint will look like this


This is so exciting.
I wish they could save some of the facades on Main St. though. It seems this project, along with 500 Main, will be demolishing several storefronts. Main St. will lose a lot of charm if too much gets demolished.


New details: 11 Garden Street | 20 stories

Project location

Georgica Green Ventures, LLC is working with Master Developer RXR Realty on the development with 219 rental units for families located at 11 Garden Street (Lot 9, 11 and 13). The proposed building is twenty-stories high with four-floors of parking in a garage located conveniently across the street from the New Rochelle train station.


Shearwood Place

photo by George G


64 Centre Avenue | 14 FLOORS

New renderings… ignore the backgrounds on the first two since it’s just inaccurate to it’s location. Designed by GE-T Architects.

Facing south

Facing east

Facing east

Project Site

327 & 339 Huguenot Street | 2 x 14 FLOORS

There’s also a new development that was present at the 12/18 Planning Board meeting not too far from this one. Dual 14-story towers with a 6-story parking lot. Details are listed below, but no good renderings to show. They’re hard to come by because nobody wants to share them really. Designed by S9 Architecture, the same firm behind 277 North Avenue.

North tower

South tower

North & South Towers

North Tower

South tower

Parking garage

Project Site

The Applicant is proposing construction of a 14-story mixed use building with retail space at street level and multi-family residential units and associated amenities on the upper floors that will contain 165 residential units consisting of 51 studio apartments, 86 one-bedroom units, 22 two-bedroom units, and 6 three-bedroom units. Parking for the Premises will be provided in a six-story parking structure across the street at 33 Centre Avenue. The project will also include a private pedestrian bridge at the second floor connecting the building to the proposed 339 Huguenot Street mixed-use building.


all photos by 101010 New Rochelle Development

22 Burling Ln - The Millenia

11 Burling Ln - NewRo Studios

585 North Ave - The Rockwell

172 Union Ave - The Craft Building

Watermark Pointe


About time they added this to their site… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

26 Garden Street | Garden Street Residences | 14 FLOORS

This 14-story mixed use development will contain 187 residential rental units, ground floor retail space on Garden Street, 241 parking spaces on-site and 17,000 sf of office space on the upper floors.

  • 20,000 sf office and retail
  • 187 residential units (19 affordable units)

Also I love how all of the renderings are cut off on their site lol


The demand for natural gas in our service area has been experiencing significant growth primarily due to the construction of new buildings, the opening of new businesses, and conversions from oil to cleaner-burning natural gas in existing buildings. But all of this new demand for gas is reaching the limits of the current supplies to our service area.

As a result, and to maintain reliable service to our existing natural gas customers on the coldest days, we will no longer be accepting applications for natural gas connections from new customers in most of our Westchester County service area beginning March 15, 2019. There are some areas in the northernmost sections of the county where we have more capacity and may still be able to accept new customers. Existing customers are not affected by the moratorium.


demolition underway at 387 Hugenot


316 Huguenot Street | 14 FLOORS | DO-2

  • 14 story, mixed-use residential development with retail on the ground floor
  • 190 dwelling units
  • Appx. 4,490 sq-ft of retail space

8 Westchester Place | 7 FLOORS | DO-2

No renderings at this moment.

  • 7-story, mixed-use residential development with retail on the ground floor
  • 73 dwelling units
  • Appx. 6,895 sq-ft. of retail space

Both projects are being developed as part of a much larger scenario by Allstate Ventures LLC, the developers of the aforementioned 64 Centre Avenue development. It seems like they’re interested in creating a neighborhood with all three developments considering they’re all abutting each other.

24 Maple Avenue | 8 FLOORS | DO-3

View from Maple Avenue

View from Centre Avenue

  • 8-story mixed-used residential development including a parish center for the abutting church
  • 338 dwelling units

All of the above projects will be discussed at tonight’s Council Legislative Meeting and will seek Planning Board approval within the coming months.

EDIT: Our development commissioner stated at tonight’s meeting (around 7 mins) that there’s three additional projects to be developed within DO-1; a 48-story tower, a 28-story tower, and a 24-story tower! So excited to see what the 48-story tower is all about… we have a max height limit of 605 ft. with the new zoning so I hope we’re able to take back the title of the tallest building in Westchester.


I know this is old news but its a good thing over all gas heat is still a fossil fuel, and this can further push along the use of air heat in residential construction.


regarding the moratorium; 3 planned DO1 highrises are being given priority, including one at the maximum height of 48 stories.


This is big news. As long as it doesn’t get downsized or cockblocked by the ConEd moratorium, this will literally top anything in this entire county and will take New Rochelle’s skyline to a whole other level.

With our Downtown Overlay zoning, developers can contribute to a community benefit fund in some way in exchange for them being able to build beyond the regular height limit. This would be built in DO-1, which normally allows 40 stories max. It will also be built under Development Standard 3, which will give them the 8 additional floors and allow them to build up to 605 FT. The minimum size area for DO-1 is 40,000 sq-ft., so this project would be incredibly large for the city.

Now, you’d wonder where this type of development could sit. There’s only two realistic locations within DO-1. First off, let’s go over the spots that don’t make sense.

  • The Chase Bank building (27 on the map). Probably would never be sold unless a hefty price would be paid.
  • The La Rochelle parcels (26). Already being re-developed, a new road was added as well. Mr. Aragon hinted at a 24-story tower within DO-1, it will likely be developed on the new parcel next to Sheerwood Place. The La Rochelle building also has a parking lot across from it on Memorial Highway (25).
  • Skyline New Rochelle, the newer “Avalon” tower (within block 29). Self-explanatory, this was built like 12 years ago, it’s not going anywhere.
  • Train Station Parking Lot (24). Would be pretty silly to even consider redeveloping this in the first place, you’d be taking away a very active lot that generates tons of revenue for the city.

That leaves us with two, very slender blocks that extend from Huguenot Street to Main Street, 29 and 30.

The library currently sits within block 29 and is an eyesore. It’s certainly past it’s prime and the area could use a brand new, technologically advanced facility. If you build the tower here, it wont have enough to meet the minimum area size of 40k sq-ft, so it would have to take some additional parcels with it.

You also have a bunch of random stuff within block 30. I think there’s potential for a significant corner tower if it’s placed at the intersection of North Ave and Huguenot St (pictured below). It’s currently occupied by HSBC bank. You’d have to take a bunch of parcels either way within block 30, you have to meet the minimum area size somehow.

Also, let’s not forget he also mentioned another 28-story tower somewhere within DO-1 as well. Wherever it is will give you a definitive answer on where the 48-story tower is, though.