NEW ROCHELLE | 360 Huguenot | 285 FT | 28 FLOORS


They’ve also added brick to the facade on the retail component so there should be some tower facade work happening soon.


Finally! They’re working on the tower’s facade.



Apologies for the second photo as it’s crooked.


looks like the glass is topped out. Waiting for the appearance of stone beyond the base.


Website is now live. Not much to see at the moment, but it confirms the tower’s address




The exterior is almost complete, however, it’s still missing the tower facade along Main Street, and I believe there’s still work for them to do with the roof. It seems like they’ve hard at work on the interior portion though. Concrete was poured for the floors in the theater portion of the building. The city launched a request for proposals earlier in the month for anyone interested in fitting out, operating, and maintaining the theater.



didn’t know this tower was getting a terrace. Nice amenity.

What’s the latest update on the New Rochelle downtown redevelopment project?

The first development, 360 Huguenot, will start leasing [shortly]. This is a 28-story, 280-unit rental property with 16,252 square feet of retail at the base, as well as a 10,000-square-foot black-box theater, which we are contributing to the city. The second project, at the former Church Street/Division Street lot, will begin construction in the first half of 2019. The entire project will ultimately contain two 28-story towers, with more than 700 rental units, approximately 25,600 square feet of ground-floor retail, and 15,000 square feet of public open space.


2-27-19: Patiently waiting to see the roof be completed. Hope you enjoy the unique perspective as well, didn’t think it’d look so good from here but I was wrong.


does anyone have a recent pic of the full New Rochelle skyline?


I’ll work on getting you one tomorrow. This has been the only major addition so far, though. Once everything else starts to rise then you’ll notice the big impact.


still sparse.


I fee like the cladding on this building is taking forever.


It is taking a while for sure. Not only is the facade incomplete on the northern part of the tower but they haven’t really started on the southern face of the tower either.


awesome. yeah, I’ve been paying enough attention to know there are many projects, but not enough to know how far along they all are


I’m hoping amazon moves into the college of new Rochelle campus once it closes