NEW ROCHELLE | 360 Huguenot | 285 FT | 28 FLOORS


Almost topped out. Just in time for Amazon to open HQ2 where the library currently is :joy::crossed_fingers:t3:


Final couple of floors going up.


Almost topped off (structurally) :tada::tada:


View from Huguenot St

View from Centre Ave and Main St

View from Centre Ave

View from Westchester Pl


March 3rd, 2018: Concrete poured for the retail portion next to the building. More to come. Facade detailing going on, check the second pic.


Topped out!


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One last topped out shot


From the topping-out ceremony… that view is just amazing.

As for any actual news, they just delivered some glass earlier today, so I will try to get a pic soon


March 23rd, 2018


Humming along


Can’t wait to see the actual facade being installed. That one piece towards the base has been up there for over a month or two now.


some extra confirmation of the height. I believe this is a DO-2 plot with a Standard 3 bonus. (includes the overlay map and community benefit factors)



New Rochelle’s first tower crane in over a decade disappears from the skyline overnight. Bittersweet.



@YIMBY - Would be a great opportunity to write an update article.




6/19/2018 - More glass being installed along with additional facade preparation


i’ll have to venture up the Palisades Parkway the next time i’m in the city. There’s a great view of the skyline from the lookouts near the state line.


My photo from a few days ago (shooting on an iPhone 8 now)


Aug 17th