NEW ROCHELLE | 360 Huguenot | 285 FT | 28 FLOORS


Nice pic
This one will have a huge impact on New Rocs skyline when topped out


1 WTC looks like a ghost in that picture! 30 Hudson Yards is also really making an impact from the north. Great update on 587 Main.


I have a set of binoculars and I’ve been watching the Central Park south area, 56 Leonard, and Hudson Yards developments rising. It’s unbelievable the amount of cranes


The woman in the Storage Post across the street told me she heard a Whole Foods was going in. Unsure as to the validity of this.


As much as I’d love a Whole Foods, I don’t believe there’s enough room for one. I’m curious to see what retail tenants will eventually be approved. Great photo, btw, thanks for sharing


I saw this tower from the Throgs Neck today. It has a growing skyline presence.


From the recent snow storm / blizzard

via Habitat Westchester on Twitter

This building isn’t even going to be as tall as our other skyscrapers but I’m impressed at the sheer size of it…


I was also snooping through Google to find an alternative rendering that I misplaced, but accidentally came across this

The crazy field of view in the other renderings makes it look completely different.

EDIT: Requested an HQ variant from the source, thanks to Co Communications / RM Friedland for providing one!

(7000 x 3577)


January 9th, 2018


Article from New York YIMBY;

More photos from different angles as well, had some free time so I thought why not…


Maple Ave.

Prospect Street Lot




Facade work;

Courtesy of New Rochelle Development




glass! Photos by New Rochelle Development


I’m thoroughly impressed with the pace of progress at this site. We’re basically gonna see it structurally topped off months in advance of the groundbreaking anniversary. Incredible.




I spy with my little eye… photo by Will McKeown

NYC 1st Day-59 by Will McKeown, on Flickr


(2-8-18) Probably the best angle for this building. It really gives you a great feel for the shape of the entire tower. One of my best shots of the project, imo




25 floors? Nearly there!