NEW ROCHELLE | 360 Huguenot | 285 FT | 28 FLOORS





great angle for progress shots! Thanks for the update.


Such a fantastic angle and shot, thank you for contributing!


One more shot for now…





Pinsky said the construction schedule is on track and is expected to be completed in late 2018, with the building expected to open in early 2019.


They are actually slightly ahead of schedule, I believe. Someone posted this in a local Facebook group not too long ago

I’m not sure how true the comment is about work being done in the theater portion, but I do know they’re pouring more concrete to complete the foundation on the left and right side of the tower. They’re additions for other parts of the building.


Another floor.


Older shot since they’re a few floors higher at this time but still a nice vantage point! Wish the photo was larger



Huguenot & Main, facing east


Main and Centre, facing north-west

Newer rendering as well… different colors and a bit of a different design on the base facade.



the view of NYC must be nice from there. I can make out the Whitestone Bridge and Long Island City in the photo. Great update!


Thank you. I’ll try to get a better one this weekend with the full city skyline in the background.


They will be lifting the crane in the coming hours, it was supposed to happen earlier I believe but I’m not sure what happened. I’ll try to get some shots after everything is done.




RMFriedland already trying to lease out the retail spaces. Interesting setup. Expected delivery of December 2018. Link to listing page


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