NEW ROCHELLE | 360 Huguenot | 285 FT | 28 FLOORS



280 units, 28 stories. The tower is being built on the site of a 1926 Loews theater in downtown New Rochelle; the facade of the theater will be preserved and restored. Demo should take 2 months, and then construction should take 2 years after that.

Here’s a rendering:

Skyscraperpage user nramacciato provided an update today showing that Demo has begun on the back of the theater, where the tower will rise. Here is one of his pics:


I wouldn’t consider this as “proposed” at this stage since it was approved a while back, and also due to the fact that the whole building they’re demolishing is pretty much history.

Thanks for providing credit for my photo, btw! I will try to provide a new pic showing the progress tomorrow.


I’m curious as to how tall this tower will actually be. I don’t know if NR keeps documents online somewhere like the NY DoB. Surely it’s somewhere in the neighborhood to 280’, but an exact figure would be cool.

edit: Emporis estimates the height at 330’, so let’s roll with that for now.


Thanks again for the pics, nramacciato, but I do think it’s jumping the gun to say it’s under construction. In NYC and in JC I have too much experience with developments where they demolish the site in anticipation of a construction loan that never materializes - One JSQ in Jersey City has been an empty lot for 10 years now! So I wouldn’t count our chickens till they hatch. I’d wait until we see some foundation work on this before putting it in “Under Construction”


@YIMHudson - Not entirely sure on height statistics. The New Rochelle website has a document center but I don’t recall seeing anything relevant to this project. I will email the Development Commissioner and ask him for the details and specifications. To give it a bit of comparison, the original Avalon on the Sound tower (also in NR) is 247 ft. tall with 25 stories.

@apophenic - Fair enough, the only thing happening right now is demolition. I’m not sure when actual construction will start, but there’s not much more for the demo crew to do, it seems.


Foundation work started late last week.


Concrete was poured late Friday night. The trucks didn’t stop coming until Friday afternoon. Now fully under construction!


wonderful! I was wondering about the progress of this project.


Courtesy of our mayor’s blog post;

Wish the image was a bit larger, but at least it gives us a closer look.


New rendering showing the tower with some design changes lit up at dusk.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/huguenot-web.jpg



photo by Andrew Seng/The New York Times


Kinda hard to get the whole site in one shot. It’ll get easier as it starts rising, which should be happening pretty quickly.

If anyone would like to repost my pics elsewhere on different sites, feel free. Credit isn’t necessary :slight_smile:


All aboard the hype train… woo woo!


More concrete pouring today. Sadly couldn’t get a picture but they’re finally up to street level. I’m thinking more crane pieces will be delivered within the next week as it would really help to speed up the process.


I had a chat with the development commissioner earlier via email and he confirmed that the total height in ft. will be about 285, so I suppose the estimate in the title can be changed.


More concrete being poured… this time for the second floor. I’m anticipating the delivery of more crane pieces :grin:


Photo from August 24th, 2017. No doubt that crane pieces will be delivered within the next week or so.


cement trucks lined up. second level underway.


Courtesy of John D’Alois on Twitter!