NEW ROCHELLE | 277 North Ave | 245 FT | 23 FLOORS


(high-res rendering to come soon)

At 277 North Avenue, just across from the train station and wrapping around the K Building, Fisher Development proposed to build more than 400 apartments, rising 28 stories, at one of the most vital and visible spots in our entire city.


This project, unveiled at the March 1st State of the City address, will be presented to the Planning Board in a month or two. From the looks of it, it either oddly wraps around the historic Pershing Square / K Building. Bit of an odd rendering perspective… more details to come soon!

RXR and Fisher Brothers, which paid a record price for the Bank of America plot downtown that it can build by-right up to 28 stories, have bought into the gold rush.


Reported earlier last month;


maybe if RXR can come up with some extra benefits they’ll be able to breach 30 floors. The 28 floor limit is malleable, I would bet even more so here if its such a “vital” spot.


I believe this project is in the hands of the Fisher brothers themselves and not RXR, which is a bit surprising. Anything can happen, so we may see a bit of a height bump eventually down the line. The saddest part is that this is literally just outside of the DO-1 zoning which would have allowed 40 stories, or even more with additional community benefits.

I’m still personally not sold on the design or shape. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but I feel like it’ll look like another Avalon building in the end. I’d like to see a more unique shape.



It vaguely reminds me of certain prewar hotel buildings like Hotel Penn. There must be some strange rules at play resulting in these bizarre massings. I hope they stick a flag pole on top of that peak.


They can get away with not having setbacks on the North Ave side due to the fact that there’s quite a wide sidewalk along the property. It looks very awkward in the rendering, and in person it may feel the same. Just compare this project with 14 Lecount. So many setbacks even after the 4-story podium… I’m sure we’ll see changes as we go through the year.


Property portal shows a new entry on May 9th for a Zoning Review

“The project consists of a mixed use building with residential, retail and parking components. It include a 21 story tower over 3 story podium. Parking component is assumed to be attendant and includes stacker units for efficiency and will include approximately 461 spaces. Residential component includes 442 units with a mix of Studios through 3 bedroom apartments. Roof over the parking will be improved as amenities for residents.”

So it seems like they’re knocking four floors off of the proposal, it was originally stated to be 28.


hopefully they didn’t simply knock off the top 4 floors which form the peak, that would effectively turn it into a clone of La Rochelle. Though I suppose all of these renderings and plans which were recently revealed are preliminary and will change. We should be glad with the development either way.


It’s a clone regardless, unfortunately. Unless they change the design significantly, it’ll resemble both the La Rochelle and Halstead New Rochelle (I really miss when they were just Avalon on the Sound I and II) due to the shape.


proximity to Trump Place and 271 North…


They really could’ve worked on a much better rendering… no offense to whoever worked on it, but surely there are better angles to show this proposal off from. It leaves many questions to be answered. One of them being; why would this project be allowed to skip the setbacks that are required on other projects? It’s hard to find a straight facade elevation going that high on any of the newer developments. Another question is how does this fit in between the K Building and the Trump tower? It’s such an odd space, and with how it looks in the rendering, I’d be surprised if they could fit it properly.

Then again, the design could have changed. No idea if that’s true as of now, but we’ll find out eventually.


I’m wondering where the parking will be where its rooftop can serve as an amenity for residents? The rendering looks more like a retail base.
I’m almost certain we’ll see a new design, with a more obvious podium that includes the parking space. The top of the podium is where the amenity space will be, with the tower set back above it. I don’t mind a parking base here because of the proximity to the station.


It’ll have a multi-level podium similar to what we’re going to see with 14 Lecount. It looks like a normal facade, but that’s to disguise the fact that there’s parking levels included within above the retail component. It’s a cool design choice. You can see how they envision it due to the different facade design at the bottom of the current rendering.

Also, I emailed the development commissioner and voiced my concern about the project mimicking the La Rochelle tower, and he said the design is evolving. So we’ll just have to stick around. We need more variety in terms of the shapes of some of these towers.


So I guess it’s just 23 stories now… :confused: A bit odd how it’s heading to the IDA first before the Planning Board

The project is located at 277 North Avenue in New Rochelle, Westchester County, NY (the “Property”) and currently is improved with a 27,000 sfoffice building that was built in 1977 and renovated in 1998. The Property which is designated on the Tax Map of the City as Block 239, Lots 29 and 33, is bordered to the north by a narrow City-owned lot, to the east by Trump Plaza, and to the south by a 13 story commercial building commonly known as the “K Building”. 277 NR Company LLC (the “Company”) intends to demolish the existing improvements, and proposes to redevelop the Property with a new Class A, 23-story 245 foot tall, mixed-use commercial/residential project, contemplated to encompass 488,000 gross sf and include 442 residential rental units With 10% or the units being offered as affordable to those earning 80% of AMI.

The building is planned to contain approximately 378,000 gross sf of residential area and approximately 326,000 net rentable sf. There will be approximately 18,000 sf of amenities and 13,000 sf of mechanical, storage and back of house spaces. There is approximately 13,000 net sf of commercial/retail space with one space on North Avenue and another 2-story pavilion fronting Huguenot Street. Additionally, there is a 66,000 sf, 471 space structured 24/7 staffed valet parking garage with a no-post mechanical stacker lift system. The building will be constructed with poured in place concrete and a glass facade. Interior finishes and amenities will be consistent with the top Class-A luxury rental buildings in the state and will be one of the premier buildings In Westchester County. There will be a 24/7 attended lobby and the building will have on-site leasing and management.

The residential component of the project will consist of studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartments.

New Rochelle IDA Meeting Agenda - June 27th - See Page 100 onward


Just a few screenshots from June’s planning board meeting showcasing the newer design.


Fisher Development Associates, based in Manhattan, wants to build a $170 million, 23-story tower at 277 North Ave. The structure would have 442 apartments and 13,000 square feet of retail space.

The developer is proposing about $25.1 million in IDA subsidies, including $14.5 million in property taxes, $5 million in sales taxes and $1.4 million in the mortgage recording tax.


Well - this looks better than I thought.