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thousands of units are in various stages of development in Westchester. Many of them are in Mount Vernon.


Q West Towers (7-11 MacQuesten Parkway)

[URL=“”][B]Multifamily Investment Finds Long-Ignored City of Mount Vernon[/B][/URL]

42 Broad Street West

525 and 645 MacQuesten Pkwy

22 S West Street

Library Square (20 S Second Ave)


Thanks for holding down the urban Westchester beat YIM! Lots of change soon to come to Mt Vernon & Yonkers. Keep it up!


Real Estate Weekly: New era for Mount Vernon

The total amounts to over 900 residential units, some with street-level retail, from well-respected developers including the Alexander Group/Bluestone, Direct Investment Development, Enclave Equities and Simone Development Companies.
Recently, the Mount Vernon Industrial Development Authority (IDA) together with the city Buildings Department succeeded in clearing up a three-year backlog of 450 formerly stalled building permits and reducing the wait for a permit from 136 days to 15 days.
Mount Vernon’s new streamlined zoning code enables commercial developers in certain zones to even receive permits in less than 45 days.


I wish for the best when it comes to Mount Vernon. I know things haven’t always been so hot there so hopefully they will be fortunate enough to join other cities like Yonkers, New Rochelle, and so on when it comes to new, beneficial development. I find it interesting how they will provide a permit within 45 days, which is way less than New Rochelle’s 90 day permit solution. Sounds like an interesting way to attract more developers.


Yeah, I am rooting for Mount Vernon most of all the Westchester cities. They actually have the best development policies among all the larger Westchester cities–the best transit-oriented zoning and a good process to expedite permits. The big problem is all the chaos where the mayor, city council, and board of education are all at each other’s throats. The school district is suing the city for passing a transit-oriented zoning ordinance, for God’s sake! And the mayor vetoed that same ordinance because he hates the council and wanted to spite them (they overrode the veto). None of this inspires confidence in developers, probably.

But the location is too good, and the zoning is now perfect for dense, transit-oriented urban development. So it’s inevitable.


The internal conflicts for sure are a major problem, as well as a distraction. I’ve never seen anything like it before, honestly. Many cities in Southern Westchester are prime for great development just due to their location, Mount Vernon especially.


demolition is underway at the site of 42 Broad Street W

recently a controversial tax deal was made for a new affordable project, The Pointe.


16 East Broad Street | 6 floors | 44 units

135 North high Street | 6 floors | 24 units

224 Gramatan Avenue | 8 floors | 53 units

542-546 Locust Street | ? floors | 45 units