Mott Haven Development along East 138th Street


the following pictures are for 3 new developments in Mott Haven - all run along East 138th Street.

2550 3rd Avenue (North East corner of East 138th Street). AKA Tres Puentes is also 2 stories high.

255 East 138th Street. ABS Partners development is 2 stories high

221 Eas 138th Street (between canal and rider). Anthony Gurino’s development has reached 4 stories so far


Thanks for the updates Ryan!

Here is the rendering for 221 e 138th


This is the one on third and 138th


And 255 east 138th rendering.


2550 Third Avenue is expected to be 12 stories high.

Photo from NY Times:


2550 3rd Avenue





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nice! and I own on the southwest corner.