MODERATOR REQUESTS (Title change/height/floor/info, etc.)


I was also wondering that, just over a week ago I use to get daily emails (twice a day) of articles and they were a good read.

It appears that only one article has been made since the 17th of which was released on 21st?

Let’s hope it’s nothing to worry about :slight_smile:








Probably busy at the time. The writer Reid Wilson you’re referring too. If I recall, he’s a college biology student so I’d imagine midterm studying.


Thank you. Please also change this one to complete:

444 10th Avenue



Great to see it complete.


261 Hudson Street needs to proceed directly from “Proposed” to “Complete.”


Done .


2228 Broadway is listed as 14 floors. It should be 19 or 20.


146-150 Wooster Street is now under construction.

Also, I forgot to add the city to the title of 312-322 Canal Street.


41-07 Crescent Street is now complete.


34-46 Vernon Boulevard is now under construction.


Looks like its 20 given that in recent shots its at 17 floors and still rising.


All requests complete.


146-150 Wooster Street is still listed as proposed


112-118 West 25th Street is now under construction.


42-43 27th Street is now under construction