MODERATOR REQUESTS (Title change/height/floor/info, etc.)


Can we please add to this thread title

36-44 west 66th st

25 floors

292 feet



Done. Sorry for delay. Been busy with work. :frowning:




I saw your posts. You drive through all 5 boroughs today? :open_mouth:


Yes I did lol. And today was absolutely horrible in traffic. It took me an hour to travel 4 miles in Queens. An HOUR! Add another hour to get onto the GWB. Took me 30 minutes in one part of Brooklyn to travel 0.6 miles. Part of my job is to visit job sites as we have work with PSEG , LIRR, and Con-Edison, and they span the 5 boroughs.


Can you please change 3 World Trade Center to 68 floors? My mistake!




117-121 livingston st

Should be under construction.

Actually will be complete soon


Done ")


265 state st/140 schermerhorn is now complete




Can we move

40-56 10th ave


40 tenth ave

Both are gangs solar carve.




Just as a reminder to all, that when making threads, check to see if we have an existing one.

It can get confusing with so much going on but just for quality control.



98-100 Norfolk Street should be characterized as under construction.


40-56 10th Ave is also now under construction


353-357 Broadway is also under construction.


Thanks for the updates. Welcome back Waymond!


Anyone know what happened to the YIMBY blog? There’s been only one update all week.



Was wondering the same