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37-10 24th st is under construction (topped out?)





I’ll be doing some editing today, so if anyone wants title changes or merges or has questions, nows the time to ask.

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NEW YORK | 220 Central Park South | 952 + 238 FT | 66 + 17 FLOORS
To: NEW YORK | 220 Central Park South | 1,033 + 353 FT | 70 + 18 FLOORS

According to the zoning documents


Holy crap, this is a super tall?

Do you have the zoning documents. Is the 1,033 figure include elevation + total height?

If it includes elevation, its a super tall from 0’ sea level, but is that 1,033 figure for the actual physical tower?

For now I’ll change it. But if you can, those zoning documents would be awesome.


Thomas, is this height factoring elevation or above mean sea level or is this actual structure height without including elevation?

If this is a super tall, and 100% is, this is big news.


i wouldn’t be surprised if the height is closer to supertall status given its height relative to One 57. A good portion of the crown hasn’t been constructed yet either.


Can we please change

19-33 kent ave


25 kent ave.

Also change to under construction.

It will be 8 floors not 10.

I assume the height will be about 100 feet.



DOB filings might indicate the height.


Thanks Chris!

Also can we merge

6 north place into

6 north street in williamsburg.

I have even accidentally posted in both before realizing there were duplicate threads.



282 s 5th st is now complete in Williamsburg.


Can we please change

75 park lane in Jersey City

To under construction.


shouldn’t we have a Jersey City category?


I think we should!


Can we add height and floor count to:

353-357 Broadway

210 feet
20 floors

As per building permits




I just noticed we have 2 threads for

321 Warren st in Jersey City

Can we please merge these?

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Well, that was quick! Thanks Chris.


Can we merge

13-33 Jackson ave


11-51 47th ave