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321 E 60th St is complete




7 W 57th St is now under construction.
123 Linden Blvd has been bumped up to 26 floors, but height is now unknown.


I just proportionally added to the height from what was said before


Can we merge

441 9th ave


441 ninth ave.




PHILADELPHIA | 30th Street Station District | 1,200 FT - 180 FT | 85 - 12 FLOORS
PHILADELPHIA | 30th Street Station Development




Many updates are done when projects are rising and receiving their skin… Glazing / cladding etc.

It would be GREAT to know who’s systems are being used - or who the installers are?
We haves lots of info on the architect, builder , owner etc.
Is there any reason this info cannot be published?

Architects and builders essentially get free advertising when they are mentioned - why could some others also not get press?

I think could really add helpful depth to the information provided.
Would love to help or discuss.


That is a good idea. Id love to learn more about who the mfgs are for these claddings/facades on each project. Since it rarely gets mentioned ( aside from some of the nice terra cotta claddings on rare occasion) it could be a good addition to the site. Not sure how to implement that other than just posting info to each thread if you know which mfg is being used on each project.


Can we please merge the caesura (280 ashland) with 15 lafayette ave threads. Thanks




Hi, folks :slight_smile:

I’d like to know if it’s ok to create a topic about a demolished building, the Washington Life Building. I’m looking for an information about it and I still couldn’t find it on the internet, maybe someone from this community can help.
Thanks in advance.


Yeah thats fine. There are different catagories (proposal, construction, new york), just make it general so under catagory its just “new york”. If your unsure, just make the thread and I can always edit it.

O and welcome btw. :wink:


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24-16 queens plaza south should be under construction.