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“The greenwich lane” is now complete


606 Broadway is now under construction.



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“The greenwich lane” is now complete




433 Atlantic St and 695 Atlantic St in Stamford, CT are under construction.




In Stamford, 902-922 Washington Blvd, 17 Harbor Point Road, 99 Morgan Street, 184 Summer St, 100 Finney Lane and 66 Summer St are now complete, and 1055 Washington Blvd is under construction.


10 Jay St and 108 Chambers St are both now under construction




250 West 81st should be changed to under construction.




8 Nevins St is now under construction




1865 Broadway and 1010 Park Ave are now under construction.


Both done.


Nothing has happened at 200 Amsterdam since news of the zoning lot challenge being filed first appeared. I would not be surprised if the site stays inactive until the challenge is resolved. Indeed, I would not be surprised if this project dies and the developer sells out or files for reorganization. You might want to consider relabeling this project as proposed rather than under construction since it is back in the hands of the DOB.


4 West 37th Street is now under construction


215 Chrystie St is now complete


12 East 48th Street is now under construction.