Minecraft Project: Downtown Manhattan in 1954


Not really any I can think of other than try to lay areas out first before building as that leads to downfall often. Make sure everything lines up so you’re saved the suffering of demolishing whole buildings


New update.


  • Added the block that holds Liberty Tower

  • Finished the block east of Singer once and for all

  • Added the two blocks that later became 7WTC (one has an adorable flatiron tenement, the other an anorexic building only one block wide)

  • Began some buildings on the block of Maiden-Broadway-John-Nassau


  • Renovated the Guaranty Trust Building. It now has a copper roof as well as a renovated facade. The annex building also has renovations to it. (The annex building, 60 Liberty, is the 17 story white building directly connected to it)

  • Renovated the American Exchange National Bank / Guaranty Trust Building. It now has roof access.

I have a plate from the 1955 landbook that shows Radio Row, and I thought I’d show the progress on this plate alone.

I have 595 buildings as I write this. I will add 4 more buildings, then I’ll add the Washington Market back. It’ll get me to 600 buildings total and finish Radio Row once and for all at the same time.


I thought I’d add pictures of buildings I find underrated or overlooked in the map or in NY in general that were demolished without a whimper. Every time I post I’ll share two.

1: The Fidelity Casualty Building, at 92 Liberty Street. Liberty and Temple. Built in 1910 and demolished in 1969.

2: The North American Trust Building, 135 Broadway. Broadway and Cedar. Built in 1899, cut down to 2 stories in 1969, and demolished in 1980.

I’ll be back soon.


looks really good bro great work!


Add some 1950s cars


I’d like to but cars wouldnt work with the elevation especially on Broadway. The tires would sink through the road and it would get messy


It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, despite I continue to work on my projects. Your work is still amazing, just like your researches. BTW thank you very much for the images on SSC :slight_smile:

I also saw the video on YouTube, very interesting! It would be cool if you added a silver brick on the top of the Singer Building as an easter egg, I’ll put it on mine even though my models are not exactly ‘playable’.

From “A History of the Singer Building Construction”: “One of the bricks at the top of the Tower was made of silver, instead of clay, to emphasize the fact that it’s the highest brick in the world.”


No problem. I actually forgot about that brick. I do have a small glowing conduit thingy surrounded by stone buttons, but I guess that’s the closest I can get to that legendary brick. Wonder what became of it…

I think I saw your Washington Life model with 135 Broadway on another forum. It all looks great so far, how’s that been going? I’d love to see the Fidelity Buildings when you model them.


Pretty good news for this update.

I finally hit 600 buildings. I think it’s safe to say now this is the largest/most accurate Lower Manhattan MC project.

Firstly, I had to revoke 3 buildings where 250 Broadway is now. They apparently were demolished in the 30s.

With that I did renovations next door to the buil-… the fra-… what the hell is this?

Now, for the additions:

  • Added the Evening Post Building

  • Added 14 Vesey Street

  • Added 5 tenements on Barclay Street (including the mansard roof building at 16 Barclay) all demolished between 1960 and 2004 for 10 Barclay Street

  • Added the Washington Market, my 600th building. With this added, I now not only have 600 buildings, but Radio Row is now, in every sense, done.

This week’s underrated buildings:

1: City Investing Building. 1908-1968. Of course it is mourned as being the site of 1 Liberty Plaza, but the Singer Building steals most of the show. This one was a great building, enormous at that, and it’s completely asymmetrical design was quite a spectacle. It helps to challenge the Singer Building in that way rather than obscure it.

Also some damn fine interiors:

2: Roebling Building. 1927-1970. Nice deco building demolished for the WTC. Second tallest to come down for it.


Congratulations, this is incredible work :slight_smile:


Thanks; I appreciate it.

Mini update: no pictures here. I have revoked 1 tenement from Radio Row’s count (didn’t really exist, even landbooks are misleading) and added 10 so far on the block north of WTC7s site.


I also finished the long demolished tenements next door to 125 Barclay Street, which somehow defied all odds and is still standing.

Full update will come in a few days.


Nice work. I always wondered what at the WTC site before it was built. I always thought is was just industrial buildings since it was so close to the water front.


This map is available for download? It is interesting to see this city. Otherwise, this epic work.


Not available since it’s nowhere close to done but on the “better” together version it’s open to whoever on most days. Not sure what versions people can join on though


Very sorry. This is version 1.13?


V 1.7 on the console / windows / pe version


Small notice. I’ll post pics next week, but something big is coming.

That is if I can get around minecraft lag. My map keeps shooting from 80 Megabytes to 150, then back to 100, then 80, and not even mentioning that blocks I place are invisible for a solid minute.

I honestly hope that the people running this game are publicly executed.

Anyway, update next week.


You said it was possible to get on this map on PE? More info please!!


The new Minecraft as far as I know has cross play for everyone, including Xbox, Windows 10, PE, Switch, etc.

The version I’m on is 1.7 so it should be joinable by those standards. I’m not sure how to join on other platforms by finding an Xbox player, but it should be possible.

(My Xbox GT is TrueKibbles815)


Well, it’s time.

First thing: I added rooftop equipment and a flagpole back to the BV Building.

Now the big news:

I added the Washington Street Market district.

It has brought me to 709 buildings total.

The majority of the buildings range from one to seven stories in height. There is one sole structure that is 12 stories high, of which I don’t know the name. It offers great aerials of the neighborhood.

As many of you know, the once lively neighborhood was abandoned and falling apart by the 50s and 60s. It was wiped out with one long blow in the late 60s - early 70s.

Here see a truck offloading goods at a tenement at Washington and Park Place:

This building, at Washington and Murray, was the Bogardus Building. It was built in 1848 and regarded as the first cast iron building in NYC. It was landmarked and dismantled for rebuilding in 1970 but the parts were stolen later on. I built it as building 499, but it now has context and an actual neighborhood around it.

The whole neighborhood is not done obviously: it ranged in total from Barclay Street to Hubert Street, whereas I have only progressed north to Chambers.

Also thrown in and hidden by the market district are the tenements where 100 Church Street(1958) and the old Fiterman Hall(1959-2009).

Another addition is the modernist Trucking Corp. Garage from the 1940s. It held up until 1984 when it was replaced by 75 Park Place. It isn’t much to look at but having underground and roof access, it gives a nice filler and has great views of surroundings.

More west side tenements:

Test for anyone: does know what this building is? it looks generic, but by the time the neighborhood would start to fall it would become notorious.

Another announcement: for anyone able to join, on or around Halloween I will be making a post apocalyptic version of this map for a purge I will hold. It will probably contain 300-400 of the 700 buildings, including:

  • Radio Row
  • West Side Highway, from Warren Street to Joseph P. Ward Street
  • Washington Market area
  • Broadway, around Exchange Alley to around Park Place
  • Singer Building and eastern area (Broadway-Maiden Lane-Nassau-Cedar Streets)
  • Wall Street area (whatever is currently finished)
  • Little Syria (Washington-Rector-Trinity-Liberty Streets)

Underrated buildings:

1: The National Park Bank Building. Built in 1868 and remastered in 1905, it is overshadowed by the more imposing yet bland St. Paul Building next door. It offers beautiful interiors and had a great exterior. Not shown are the side facades on both side streets, the lobby, and the 10 story mansard annex(which I haven’t added yet). Nevertheless, it and 4 other buildings fell in 1958 for 222 Broadway.

2: 4 Albany Street.

This 1922 building had a graceful facade and a beatiful penthouse and rooftop garden. It was overshadowed by the Bankers Trust Building later on and demolished in 2005 for a highrise development.


Id love to join the purge, I tried messaging you but it wouldn’t send