Minecraft Project: Downtown Manhattan in 1954


Been using it and the 50s one a while - I found a 1934 landbook but can’t find most of the plates, I’m hoping there’s one for the 40s from bromley but still digging…


Time for a mini update:

I rebuilt the World Building, complete with the original dome but fresh body, fixing the problems it had before.

Here, see the happily united and accurate Newspaper Row:

I included a shot of it with the Black Building to the right to show how large it was:

I also fixed part of the Mutual Life Building, fixing it so the western portion is at a different angle from the rest for accuracy, as well as some design renovations

And now to say seeing this view motivates me to work more near Wall Street again. I may finish the Chase north block, add 44 Wall Street, or fill another gap.

School demotivates me, but if I have surgery (which I may do) I’ll be stranded on my ass for a month which will leave me with nothing to do but either work on this, watch YouTube or bingewatch the greatest TV show of all time (The Sopranos) So we’ll see if that happens.

Also, part 2 of the tour is out and can be found here:

And out of boredom, here are two great Brooklyn Bridge/World Building late shots:



I’m praying for your surgery my friend, hope it all works out alright


If I get it it should be October or November, and the recovery process that I sit on my ass is 3-4 weeks so we’ll see how it goes


No updates right now, but I thought I’d memorialize a legend.

Today it has been 51 years since the Singer Building began demolition.

RIP to in my opinion the most legendary skyscraper New York had to offer.

5/01/1908 - 9/15/1967 - 3/02/1969


Nice!!! You know what’s stupid? They Replaced the most BEAUTIFUL building in the city, with the UGLIEST building in the city😡 pretty Ironic


Lol I often bring that up to people too. My favorite building and my least favorite building are at the same corner on the same block


Hey, I know your nowhere near finished and Im not sure if your gonna quit building once this projects done but if not, id like to suggest an idea for a future project which is Downtown Boston Massachusetts, for ive always wanted to see Boston built in Minecraft, and litterally noones done it!!!


I’m still a NY person and by the time it’s done I’ll probably have moved on from the game but maybe someone will come along or you could try one. Originally the reason I built the first 2001 project I had was because the only map there was was Daget’s and none anywhere else.


I might try to resurrect the project soon. What part should I do?


Have you seen this? Pretty interesting:



Id say start developing Chatham Square, then you can get to the 3rd ave El, and create some great views of the city with smaller buildings in front and sskyscrapers behind them


I think singer has a few flaws in the model but the rest are spot on, Penn Station especially. I was amazed by that.


Well I built up some motivation, and my plans for the next 1-2 months so far are:

  • Finish the Broadway-Maiden-Nassau-John Block
  • Add 42 and 32 Broadway
  • Add the Standard Oil Building
  • Add the 2 blocks that became 7WTC
  • Rebuild the Washington Market
  • 1 or 2 blocks of the old district north of the NY Telephone Building
  • And either the few lots near the tunnel site or the very few empty lots near Radio Row.

Here are a few pictures I found to motivate me, enjoy everyone


Updating my to-do list:

I started working again, 30 Broad is complete and 42 Broadway is laid out, but by Halloween I need this stuff done:

Washington Market

Buildings on the site of WTC7

American Stock Exchange/ Curb Market Building

68 Trinity Place, demolished in 2015

74 Trinity Place rear facade

Hudson Terminal interior

and (possibly) the Church-Vesey-Broadway-Barclay block.

If this is done in a month we can have a massive purge on the map.

Here’s a picture for good luck


Awesome work!




how did you do all the angles? just wanting anytips you might have


Best way I can say it is guess and check. I trace an outline of a building or block from the 50s Bromley landbooks, and then try to line it up with the trace piece as good as I can from above until it’s the perfect angle.


yeah thats true, do you build this on xbox and if you do could i get a tour of it