Minecraft Project: Downtown Manhattan in 1954


Not sure actually. I’ll find a way though if I don’t retreat back to 1956, I remember I had an idea a while back but lost it

I’d probably put buttons over every other panel and use a pattern two different glass colors


Well, I had another vote, which was 5-2, so the year will be 1956 now.

Atlantic Mutual Site: Old Building :white_check_mark:
Stock Exchange Site: New Building :x:
Newspaper Row: Missing World Building :white_medium_square:
Chase Site: Excavation :white_medium_square:
2 Broadway: Produce Exchange :white_check_mark:

Until next time…

(If I get enough backlash I might go back to 1954 but I kinda like the idea of the Tribune Building dominating alone)


Small Update:

1956 is actually a pretty good year. I think this will be my permanent year.

Fair to say I love this view:

I added the newer bridge onramp and renovated tiny 1 Frankfort Street.

I think the thing that I like most is that most people are familiar with…

this view in person or photos:

or this view in photographs:

But not much of the in between period:

Fair to notice on the left in that last photo that the Black Building is finally catching some light and attention.

I’ll keep everyone updated, I’ll likely be working near the bridge exit/entrance or near the Produce Exchange. Until then…


Bro we should all do a purge on this!!!


I was considering that for early August, I might actually have one for Halloween.

MC has a 30 player cap, this might be fun…


No update, but in my last days before Sophomore Year consumes me I thought I’d list a few buildings I want to add very badly but likely won’t as they are far into territory I haven’t laid out yet…
Maybe it’ll motivate me since I have to lay out all of the east side of downtown and make it all fit together perfectly


speaking of sophomore year, is it just me or are you also always constantly asked by classmates “why the hell are you so into New York out of all things?” I’m constantly asked that lol. I suppose its just not a very popular topic of interest for kids haha


Nah, I’m one of the more quiet people in classes with people I’m not familiar with but an ass outside of them or when surrounded with familiar faces


I got those questions a lot in middle school and high school. I’m about to start my Senior year and I still get those questions! Personally, I take them as comments. I enjoy my hobby, especially my own photography


Well I have nothing to do as of current and not much motivation as I type this, but I don’t want to make this a useless post, so how about a question to viewers?

I’m trying to decide which buildings are my top 10 favorites, and there are 2 spots free on the list. I figured that if others decide their 2 favorites of the ones provided, then the general opinion would turn my head in that direction, and etc…

So, for anyone reading, what are your 2 favorites from this list?

Central R.R. Building, 143 Liberty Street, 1889-1967

Guaranty Trust Building, 140 Broadway, 1913-1964

Fidelity Casualty Addition, 92 Liberty Street, 1910-1969

135 Broadway, 1899-1980

Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway, standing

National Park Bank Building, 214 Broadway, 1868-1959

American Tract Society Building, 150 Nassau Street, standing

American Surety Building, 4 Albany Street, 1922-2005

Guaranty Trust Building III, 31 Nassau Street, 1897-1965

Alexander Hamilton Custom House, 1 Bowling Green, standing

60 Wall Street, 1903-1976 / 1905-1975


Definitely The Alexander Hamilton Custom house (don’t just take my word for it, I mean its still standing so it must be aesthetically pleasing to tons of people) Also, I gotta admit, I find the most impressive part of your work to be laying out the streets and building at the correct angle, seems like something that’d make me wanna pull my hair out lol. And also doing tons of research to find every damn building in the entire area, not to mention half of which aren’t existing anymore, ridding you of your ability to use google earth. It’s all super impressive my friend.


Good point lol, and thanks. The street layout is painful but great to look at after especially when it adds up.

I made a list of my personal top 10 buildings, so I might as well put it here:

10: Atlantic Mutual Building, 49 Wall Street, 1900-1957

9: German American Building, 1 Liberty Street, 1907-1974

8: Brady Building, 90 West Street, 1907

7: US Custom House, 1 Bowling Green, 1907

6: Produce Exchange, 2 Broadway, 1884-1957

5: Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway, 1913

4: City Investing Building, 165 Broadway, 1908-1968

3: Washington Life Building, 141 Broadway, 1898-1970

2: Tribune Building, 154 Printing House Square/Nassau Street, 1874-1967

1: Singer Building, 149 Broadway, 1897-1908-1969

EDIT: New tour is up. It’s from about 3 weeks ago, and is semi dated, but still decent showing of the map.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amxV3oia47g&t=1s


So another question.

I like Newspaper Row from 1956-66, and I like the way the Tribune Building is sort of “pushed back” allow a gateway to the bridge like so…

But at the same time I kinda enjoy the World Building.

Which would you guys prefer? 54 or 56?


For me personally, 54 to have the New York World Building, that way (although the Tribune Building wont be pushed back) youll still have them both


True. I like the way the building is last in line so that it sort of eases the transition to the road, but I do love the building too.

Also forgot these:

were demolished in 55-56 too, so quite a treat.


See what I mean? thats a good point too, most people aren’t familiar with those buildings so it’d be cool to see them here in a 54 version


Also thought this may be helpful, its an hour long video of a full trip on the 3rd ave El some of which takes place at Chatham Square…


Nice. Weird knowing it’s been gone for 60+ years…

I started the revert back to 1954.

Noticed something I have to keep in mind.

This is from 1950. Apparently on the Mutual Life site there was a modern-ish art deco-ish building on the corner. That’ll be hard to find pics of since the whole block was razed in '55.


Update on that: I can’t find any data on that more modern building. Nothing.

The list of NB Permits doesn’t list it at all. There isn’t a sign of it.

I guess I can add it to the ever growing SS Family for now:



Bro I found something I think you might need, its the G.W Bromley Manhattan 1930 Landbook. Its not 1950s, but im sure it’ll help in some way with finding the buildings