MIAMI | One River Point | 933 + 928 FT | 2 X 60 FLOORS


Work Underway At One River Point, Could Become Miami’s Tallest :slight_smile:

Construction activity has commenced at One River Point, where twin condo towers are planned.

Sitework, including excavation, piles, seawall and foundation, are now underway, according to a representative for developer KAR Properties.

The buildings are expected to go vertical in early 2019. An article in the New York Times last week stating a project start date in 2019 actually referred to vertical construction, the representative said.

The towers are approved by the FAA for a height of 928 feet above ground, or 933 feet above sea level, making the towers the tallest either completed or under construction in all of Florida. By comparison, the recently completed Panorama Tower in Brickell is now the tallest in Florida at 868 feet above ground.

#22 - good source of informations : photo gallery, video and floor plans are available


I think this is a case of being able to build so high but they’ll build lower. That being said, this will still clock in at over 700ft tall.


Seawall Construction Appears To Be Underway At One River Point

There is construction activity this week at the One River Point site.

Records show that two permits are now active, with both pulled on October 10. The first is for a seawall, with a listed value of $240,000. The second is for a dock, with a valuation of $9,750.

In January, representatives of the developer said that foundation work was underway, with vertical construction to begin in January 2019. The site has been mostly dormant since then, however.

One River Point is proposed to include twin 60-story towers designed by architect Rafael Vinoly.