MIAMI | Downtown 5th (500 NE 1st Ave.) | 2 x 450 FT | 2 x ~50 FLOORS


Turkish Developer Buys Central Baptist Church Lot, Plans 1,000-Foot Tower

Turkish developer Okan Group has purchased land at 501 N. Miami Ave owned by the Central Baptist Church for $18.1 million and is planning a 1,000-foot tower.

Zoning allows 1,000 units per acre, and 864,000 to 1.3 million square feet. The lot is 37,500 square feet, and does not include the historic church.

Okan Group plans to develop a 1,000-foot mixed-use tower with retail, office space, a hotel and condos, a broker for the buyer told the SFBJ. Okan loves the site, which the broker says “epicenter of future development in Miami,” but they are not in a rush to build.

The company is developing projects in Turkey and Kazakhstan, and this would be their first project in Florida.

Okan is currently discussing plans with architects for the site.

MIAMI | Okan Tower (fmr. The Sterling) | 890 FT | 70 FLOORS

at this point, Miami needs to get one of these built. Miami has like 10 supertalls planned, but all of them are long term projects.


I agree. I find myself not getting as excited for them. Now, if all of them where to rise or even lets just say 70% of them, it would rival NY in the super talls. Miami is still 2nd pound for pound in construction. But yeah, we need some to rise over here. :frowning:


This was approved by Miami’s planning and zoning department. :beer:


The Sterling, A 73-Story Mixed-Use Tower

Plans to develop a 73-story mixed-use project at 555 N Miami Ave have been submitted by a developer.

The proposal includes:

73-story tower
956-foot tower height
362 residential units
300 hotel rooms
55,400 square feet of office
3,030 square feet of retail
9,820 square feet of restaurant
Miami’s Urban Development Review Board is scheduled to review the plans on October 6.

If approved, it would be built on a lot purchased by Turkish developer Okan Group from the Central Baptist Church.

Behar Font is the architect. According to documents submitted, the design was inspired by a tulip.




@chris08876 this is the site of Melo Group’s Downtown 5th. 555 N Miami Avenue is where Okan Tower will be (the other thread can be reopened)