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Brickell Flatiron Moving Forward Without Allen Morris Park

Developers of the 552-unit Brickell Flatiron are proceeding with plans to build the tower without using land that is currently Allen Morris park.

In 2006, the city approved a MUSP for an Enrique Norten-designed tower at the site which excluded the park land. The developers intend to submit a modification to the MUSP that largely retains the original footprint of the tower, regardless of the outcome of a lawsuit by Allen Morris against the city over the park.

Groundbreaking for the 65-story tower is set for January 2015. Reservations are currently underway, and a sales gallery will open in October.


CMC Preparing To Break Ground 65-Story Brickell Flatiron

CMC Real Estate appears to be making final preparations to begin construction on the 65-story Brickell Flatiron tower.

In November, the developer filed a 250-page Declaration of Condominium for the project. Maintenance fees came in at just above 70 cents per square foot.

Monday was the last day for popular bar and eatery Barú Urbano, which sits on the land at 1001 S. Miami Avenue where Flatiron will be built. A permit to remove and relocate the old growth trees on the property has been approved by the city.

Next door, a parking lot on Flatiron land will close by the end of the month, according to employees.

The project will include 552 units in a 750-foot tower. Colombo’s CMC group bought the property in October 2013 for $21 million.


The Brickell Flatiron Building has FANTASTIC lines! Beautiful! It would look great in Los Angeles Downtown too!


Baru Will Be Demolished By The End Of This Month To Make Way For Brickell Flatiron

Brickell Flatiron will be a step closer to the start of construction later this month.

Demolition of the former Baru building on the site will be complete by the end of March, according to a source at the developer. Crews are awaiting one final permit approval before beginning work.

With the start of conversions of reservations into contracts in mid-January, one-third of the 548 units at the project had been reserved, the developers have said.

City officials are still processing a request to modify the previous Major Use Special Permit, which had been submitted in 2006 by another developer with Enrique Norten as architect. A decision is expected soon.

The developers also recently submitted their plans to the FAA, listing a height of exactly 700 feet above ground.


Does Brickell Have any projects proposed for Los Angeles?


No projects in terms of flat irons. Brickell also being a major avenue in Miami. Many projects share this name, but its not a developer name just to verify.


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[QUOTE]This weekend, for 25 hours, 1,300 truckloads of concrete were poured into the foundation of Brickell Flatiron. The 65-story tower will now begin to rise 750-ft making it the tallest condo tower in Brickell![/QUOTE]


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This looks great!


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