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1000 Museum’s Exoskeleton Preps For June Groundbreaking

As the June groundbreaking of Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum quickly approaches, the architects and engineers are planning, and designing, and mocking-up various parts of the tower, including the exoskeleton. Public relations people sent over these few images showing the process, and just how much of literally a massive, almost brutalist, thick-as-hell block of concrete we’re talking here. It almost looks like it was just chiseled out of the earth rather than poured, showing just how wild this exoskeleton idea really is. But this massiveness actually creates a delicate lightness and transparency.

“The tall, slender tower is rigid, stiff and hurricane resistant while allowing for the interior floor plates to be almost column free (this gives buyers maximum variation in floor plans). Behind the exoskeleton the architects created a folded, crystal-like façade that contrasts with the solidity of the exoskeleton. This will create an effect that is similar to a diamond sparkling in the light.”


This tower is awesome.

One Thousand Museum Developers Close On Land; Site Work To Begin Immediately

By exMiami Staff on August 22, 2014

The developers of One Thousand Museum have closed on the purchase of land where the Zaha Hadid-designed tower will be built for $36 million.

In addition, the developers of Regalia Sunny Isles have joined as partners in the project. In total, a third of units valued at $200 million have been presold.

Construction will begin this fall, with site preparation to begin immediately.


Zaha Hadid Architect


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1000 Museum at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami FL 33132 [Official Video]:


Credit: Zaha Hadid


I love this building! Can’t wait til Zaha has the opportunity to design something of a similar scale in NYC. :slight_smile:


Demolition Begins At BP Gas Station; Groundbreaking For One Thousand Museum In December

Demolition is now underway at the BP Gas Station at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard where Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum is planned.

Crews are now razing the station and will be removing underground storage tanks and piping. The station only requires minimal environmental remediation since the tanks where replaced within the past few years, according to the developer.

Developers also announced that they have sold two units in the project valued above $15 million apiece over the past 30 days.

A groundbreaking ceremony hosted by Zaha Hadid is scheduled during Art Basel.


Groundbreaking took place today. Updated first post with new rendering. Older picture isn’t available and thus broken link.

This is the third major project over 500 feet to break ground in the last two days! :smiley:




Woot!! Miami is truly becoming the Manhattan of Latin America :smile:


New Rendering on 1000 Museum’s twitter





Credit: Phillip Pessar


Credit:[URL=“”] Tectonic [/URL]


Wow, this tower is going to be a showstopper. Miami’s skyline generally has similar beach style buildings if you see what I mean? This is really going to stand out, a fitting tribute.


I think its the best tower rising currently along with 111 W 57th Street. Miami is getting better with the designs. Like anywhere else, some are just bad, but you get a gem every once in a while. Sunny Isles has a lot of really nice towers. Check out “Muse tower” to see what I mean. But yeah 1000 Museum along with Steinway and 9 DeKalb are a trio that will stun.


One of the best towers rising in the U.S. outside of the tri state IMO.






This building is truly fantastic. Very thrilled to see it making quick progress!


That concrete is simply gorgeous! I was expecting it to be made from steel, very nice!

This will be an icon for Miami, a building the city needs to make its skyline known :smiley:


Credit: FC