LOS ANGELES | Lizard Hotel Tower | 325 ft | 28 FLOORS


The image portrays the 325-foot tall building as consisting of a jagged structure soaring high above the Spring Street. A mid-rise section of the tower would stand flush with the sidewalk, matching the height profile of adjacent historic structures. City records indicate that the tower is being designed by asap/adam sokol architecture practice pllc, a firm based out of Buffalo, New York.

According to a representative of asap, the proposed hotel would maintain the two portraits which adorn the exterior walls of the buildings at 621 and 639 S. Spring Street. Both murals would be visible from inside the hotel and from the sidewalk.

The project - which is located at 633 S. Spring Street - would feature 176 guest rooms and numerous food and beverage venues. Environmental documents recently published by LADCP indicate that the tower would include 6,100 square feet of restaurant space, 1,570 square feet of retail space, 1,250 square feet of conference space and a 3,310-square-foot rooftop bar.



WOW! This looks fantastic! Great to see nice infill spreading all across DTLA! :smiley:


That looks gorgeous! Almost futuristic gothic!

Very cleverly done with the vertical stepping rising to form part of the street line, with the tower sitting on top, very gracious and quite daring for such a location


I love the design!! Another 100 feet and it would have been a real stunner.


This one looks really good, great design!