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Project: Figueroa Central



Recently sold to the Chinese tycoon Oceanwide Real Estate Group for $200,000,000, this four acre vacant land was, and still is, entitled for a one-billion-dollar mega real estate development project for the The Moinian Group, one of the country’s largest privately held real estate firms based in New York, which owns and manages $10 billion in assets.

Hand-picked by The Moinian Group for our exceptional local knowledge of the downtown LA real estate arena, Central City Development Group (CCDG) was instrumental in implementing the new vision of its client in creating a new direction for the project.

The Figueroa Central project plans to bring more than 200 hotel rooms, close to 900 condominiums and a variety of retail stores and restaurants to the corner of Figueroa and 11th Street. While there have been some roadblocks for the project since initial plans were released, CCDG was brought on board to streamline the development process with their expertise in the field.

The developer is responsible for planning and bringing this project to completion, and the plans are quite progressive. The Fig Central area will transform into a safe place for pedestrians without neglecting the need for parking areas. The plans exhibit a large plaza with modern landscape features that create a relaxing, fun place for visitors, residents and area employees to pass time and enjoy the sunshine.

Large cities around the world are striving to make their streets friendlier to bicyclists and pedestrians, and the Los Angeles Figueroa Central project will serve as an example of how that idea can come into fruition. With a planned tower rising more than 300 feet in the air and a second high-rise building to stretch 450 feet into the skyline, the project includes more than enough space to accommodate retailers large and small.

While hopes were high that the Moinian Group would easily secure the funding needed to begin construction on the Figueroa Center Project, unforeseen occurrences took place. As the economy continues to rebound from years of chaotic struggle, and with Oceanwide as the new developer of the project, it is expected that the project will easily receive funding and enter the construction phase in the near future.

It is expected that the new developer will construct the project in two phases. This means a portion of the project will open to the public while the rest of the project is in the construction phase. There is no definite date of completion, but with Central City Development Group help, you can expect a breathtaking finished product that is eco-friendly, industry leading, and economically stimulating.


  1. http://www.ccdg-la.com/figueroa-landing ( Central City Development Group)


Although there are things I would change about the Figueroa side, I do love the street wall this builds along Flower Street.


Plans finally running through the Department of Building and Safety. Groundbreaking before the end of the year doesn’t seem likely, but Q1 2015 definitely seems possible.


Looks like some big changes for the project, via ziggy331 of Skyscraperpage:

The Figueroa Central project will bring nearly 1.5 million square feet of new mixed-use development to the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District. The project will transform an entire 4.6 acre city block and provide much needed hotel rooms, residential units, and retail for Downtown LA. The project includes a 183-room five-star hotel, 504 residential units, and close to 170,000 square feet of commercial and retail space in a 7-story podium anchoring three high-rise towers. The hotel and retail will support the Convention Center and the project overall will provide a transitional connection between the Sports and Entertainment District and South Park.


Some specs on the redesigned project:

North Tower - 49 stories, 677 feet tall, 164 residential units, 183 hotel rooms
Middle Tower - 40 stories, 530 feet tall, 170 residential units
South Tower - 40 stories, 530 feet tall, 170 residential units

166,00 square feet of ground-level retail space, 1,444 parking spaces

Source: Building Los Angeles


Looks like I made a mistake on the North Tower height. A closer look at the diagram reads 677’ at the tip of the crown. Oops!


> Work gets underway on stalled Fig Central complex near L.A. Live

A skyline-altering retail, residential and hotel complex with three high-rise towers in the bustling South Park neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles is finally moving forward.

Chinese developer Oceanwide Real Estate Group began leveling several structures this month on a sprawling parking lot across from Staples Center on Figueroa Street, paving the way for an early 2015 groundbreaking. The demolition ends years of inactivity at the 4.6-acre lot — long envisioned as the shopping section of the L.A. Live entertainment complex.

“There isn’t a lot of retail there,” said Hal Bastian, a development consultant and longtime downtown booster. “This adds a critically missing component.”

Since purchasing the land last year, Oceanwide has reworked the design for the Fig Central development, adding a third tower in the process. The $1-billion project now consists of two 40-story high-rises and another high-rise at 49 stories.

In all, 504 condos, 183 hotel rooms and nearly 450,000 square feet of retail space are planned.

The project is decidedly upscale. Oceanwide envisions a five-star hotel, event spaces, celebrity chef restaurant and members-only nightclub.








Credit: http://brighamyen.com/2015/02/20/luxury-cavalli-hotel-coming-to-massive-fig-central-in-downtown-la/


The Figueroa Central construction progress on July 14, 2016. I took this photo from ExpoLine Metro train.


This is a great project. LA over the years has gone through a big highrise boom.


Good shot! I’m glad someone is keeping up with this? Be sure to check out the “DTLA Development” page on Facebook!


i’m trying to keep tabs on this for anything that could indicate bad news for 80 South Street in NYC. Progress seems slow.

uploaded this week:

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looks like things are advancing

Oceanwide Plaza & Circa by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr

Oceanwide Plaza by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr

Oceanwide Plaza & Circa by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr


Oceanwide Plaza & Circa by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr

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dated July 14th

Oceanwide Plaza by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr

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Aug 12th

Oceanwide Plaza by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr

Oceanwide Plaza by HunterKerhart.com, on Flickr