JERSEY CITY | Provost Square | FT | 38 + 38 FLOORS


Nice. I took this a couple days ago from phase 1. Apparently phase 2 is mostly condos where phase 1 is mostly apts.


Working on the plaza area. The existing building for phase 3 has had scaffolding on it, but no work done on the building.


Is phase 3 just a renovation of that existing warehouse building in between these 2 towers? Or are they building a 3rd tower somewhere?


There is a giant space between the existing building and phase 1. A third tower will go there. As well as renovating the existing building


That makes sense. Thanks!




This is already finished. Looks good! Hopefully phase 3 starts in the next year or so.


Photos by Oron_Zchut

Phase 3 is starting preliminary construction as well. Probably working on the existing structure first. New and last tower goes behind it.