JERSEY CITY | One Journal Square | 758 FT x 2 | 67 FLOORS x 2


if I’m being honest I like the new design better, even if the older concepts included more.


The full color renderings look good. Cladding looks nice too. Glad it was approved.


I also like the new design more actually


It’s like a modern day Mies design, but with cantilevers. If the facade is made with copper or some sort of corten steel, I’ll shut up haha


Anybody know when this is so post to break ground?


Good news or bad news, depending upon your perspective:


TRD: So what are you going to do next? Are you going to sue the city?

Charlie Kushner: We’re seriously contemplating suing the city, yes. And we’re also thinking of some other ways to develop the property, the project.


Kushner firm wins records dispute against Jersey City

Author: Terrence T. McDonald, The Jersey Journal, 01/02/19


Ghosts of developers past. JC has to give the money back to the previous developer of One Journal Square.


This project will never get started…