JERSEY CITY | One Journal Square | 758 FT x 2 | 67 FLOORS x 2


The curse continues… from Mayor Steve Fulop’s facebook page:

I want to be clear with residents on where the city stands here. Last week, the developer of this project submitted an application to Jersey City for a tax subsidy and abatement on this property. The administration made clear to the applicant that the city is not supportive of their request and while the law requires a first reading ordinance vote if they submit an application, I don’t foresee the council voting in favor. I know for certain I have made my feelings clear here on this project and what I feel works best for Jersey City. This tax abatement application doesn’t work for us.



Thanks for posting, daily2. Do you have a source for the rendering?




Kushner Cos. is sending out feelers for the loan against its 50-story Trump Bay Street in Jersey City.

(When you’re a star they let you do it.)


Here we go again…
Twin 54 story buildings with 10 story podium. 849 feet



I made some calls, and I got the official drawings submitted to the city by the architect. 758’ to the top of the parapet, 754’2" to the top of the roof, 67 stories (including a mechanical floor).

Also new renderings. You can see the design now has a kind of weird cantilever. I’m not a fan of it.


Nice hookup! Thanks for posting this. I also dont like the redesign and the height reduction even more. But Im still happy this seems to have gained momentum again.

Now we need some other tower to break the upcoming 750 ft plateau that will be created by these and the taller journal squared tower.

Eventually maybe kushner can get the jersey journal development up over 900 ft.


very similar concept to BIG’s 2 WTC, no?


Is it the same architect as the previous designs? And thanks for the great info!


Yep, Woods Bagot is still the architect on the drawings


(Double post, see above)


I was thinking the same.

Or a bulkier Urban Ready Living with a reduced sliding effect.


Also reminds me of the original design for 99 hudson.



Interesting comparison YIMHudson. I guess the difference (which is hard to see in these drawings) is that the cantilever is kind twisting like a spiral staircase, with the axis of rotation being at one corner of the building. So if the BIG building is a normal linear staircase, this is a small section of a spiral staircase with three steps (corresponding to the three blocks of the tower). Kind of hard to describe.


I think it just might be the photocopy, but does the design at the top appear to be wavy in nature (the facade) or is it just the photocopy? Like Ellipse in Newport for example.


It’s not wavy, it’s just a fold in the architectural drawing. These things are huge (like 3’x5’ and 50 sheets thick) and hard to smooth out


Here is a rendering they presented at tonight’s planning board meeting (edit: for people new to this thread, go up to post 48 to see bigger architectural drawings and elevations and details on the heights and floor counts ):


Approved unanimously. I think just like everyone else, they just want to see this completed already. The muted design is unfortunate, it’s in a very prominent and central area.