JERSEY CITY | One Journal Square | 758 FT x 2 | 67 FLOORS x 2


NYC will be a snapshot of the entire Northeast with clusters of skyscrapers reminiscent of the proximity of major cities along the coast.


I absolutely LOVE how the simple use of black frames provides texture and interest! I am going for my Masters in Graphic Design, because I want to teach, but lately I have been thinking how awesome it would be to work for an architectural company as their GD. Maybe KPF :slight_smile:


imagine this view in 10 years if all these projects are fulfilled. Photo by Mifan Careem on flickr.

Staten Island Ferry NYC by Mifan Careem, on Flickr


I feel like there may have been some rumors on the other sites that this project had started already. Maybe it was just some confusion from the flurry of awesome news last week, but i drove past today and this site is still very much dead. Zero activity. Hopefully that changes soon.


I read rumors as well, I think they have financing for the first tower at least?


Finally a bit of good news on this site moving forward- signage around the lot is up! No excavation yet though.


Still no excavation or test piles or anything. I forgot this site was so big. It incorporates the large parking lot next to it too.



Over a week ago there was a test piling machine on site taking samples.

Last night the piling machine was gone but there was a small excavator fitted with a jackhammer. Maybe they will start to tear up the paved parking lot section soon.

Taken last night. Sorry for the potato quality.


12/22. They ripped up sections of the parking lot. Maybe for soil testing? I assume they wont do piles, but will dig pretty deep like at journal squared. Not sure though.


According to CIA on SSP, these towers just got another bump before Christmas when they filed new permits.

Should be 942 and 730 feet now!

More work is expected on Jan 15th, as per new flyers up around the site, and official groundbreaking is expected around March 2017 I think.

This will be the new tallest in NJ - taller than 99 Hudson. Plus journal square is about 100 feet above sea level and the rest of JC. This will look massive!


Wow, amazing!!!


Thats a good observation with the MSL change between downtown and JC. The 100 feet above sea level will aid it in its dominance. Quite a turn of events.

Would explain why Journal Squared Phase 1 looks a lot taller than it is.


From Monday 1/16


In the Panorama above you can see the Loews theater. (Kinda behind a tree). Behind that site are 2 lots which I believe have unlimited area and height as per the 2060 plan. But I heard Fulop is going to be imposing new height caps soon. So I at least hope nothing gets downsized from what was previously approved. I do think there will be caps on the loews sites and maybe further away from the immediate Jsq area.

Could have had a couple megatalls there :wink:


I’m surprised Fulop wants to impose a height cap. He strikes me as a pro development kind of guy. I just don’t know why they would want to limit allowable sq ft. The demand is there, especially in the residential sector.


Walked by the site today. No major activity occurring.


Pic by me. Taken today. No major activity as of yet although there were surveyors.


Still casting around for funding from Chinese investors. Check out the towers in the pic:

This project seems so cursed…

Although there was no visible reference to Trump, the materials noted the Kushner family’s “celebrity” status. Wang Yun, a Chinese investor who attended the event, said the Kushner family’s ties to Trump, via son-in-law Jared, were a part of the project’s appeal — but also a source of concern.

“Even though this is the project of the son-in-law’s family, of course it is still affiliated,” Wang.

Wang reasoned that the link to Trump would be a boon if the presidency goes well but could be disastrous if it does not: “We heard that there are rumors that he is the most likely to be impeached president in American history. That’s why I doubt this project.”


According to a NYTimes article, construction is now slated to begin in “early 2018.” I’ll believe it when I see it.

The project was advertised to Chinese investors as the latest offering from the “star Kushner real estate family.” The project, which includes two towers, 1,476 luxury apartments and even a medical center for pets, was promoted as “Kushner 1.” Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2018.


I think foreign investors are apprehensive in investing with Kushner because of the inevitable bad press. Just look at what happened at 666 Fifth.