Found that from last year.

Rendering from their site

Got some pics from Jan 11th

Drove by today


This is just one of many new buildings in the area. There are many more planned. Some will be very tall I think. The whole area is part of the liberty harbor north project and has thousands of planned units in the near future.


Lovely curves.


Yes. It reminds me of a couple of prewar mid-rises along Riverside Dr near Columbia:

Riverside Dr also has some nice curvaceous buildings up by Audubon Terrace/Trinity Cemetery on 155th.


I was going through HLW’s website (they are one of the firms designing 235 Grand St.) and I found these renderings of the empty lot south of 333 Grand. It doesn’t have its own page so I thought I’d post it here. What’s interesting is the large amenity/ rooftop pool building in the middle of the block. The backside of 333 Grand has this huge blank wall, and judging from these renders, now I know why. So we can expect something very tall for this last unbuilt portion of this block. HLW said in the building project description that it was a part of an “architecture unbuilt competition”.



Looks like some type of carved panel facade system, it’s interesting. They won’t be using brick veneer, which is refreshing. Looks quite detailed!




The original architects were actually not happy about this change. They designed it with really brick and think this stuff looks cheap


You’re right. The extruded gray sections look really detailed, but it needed red bricks, not red paint on the other sections lol. Seems the budget went into the height of the tower as well as the curved shape of it. All the other developments at LHN have great brick detailing so this is disappointing. I feel for the architects lol. Let’s hope the base will look decent


So I passed it again today, and from what I saw, it does look like they are adding a layer of red brick. I saw grout, so it’s some sort of brick lol. Either panels or a thin veneer brick


That’s good to hear. I hope it ends up looking good!


So it’s like a painted brick thing. It’s not great but the final product makes up for it!


The next phase of this project, 88 Regent Stab located directly south on the same block, will go before the Planning Board for approval soon with 32 floors and 392 apartments.

The zoning for this area is such that the buildings will keep getting taller as you go south ttoward Tidewater Basin. Expect 60+ stories directly along the water, but not for a decade at least.


That’s a great way to zone new construction in a relatively low rise neighborhood. I’m hoping that 88 Regent will have a good design, considering the proposed renderings I’ve seen of it. I should attend these planning board meetings haha


I never heard of 88 Regent and I tried looking up it for renderings, but their were none


That is all good news. Thanks for all the great info lately

So I assume 88 regent is this corner spot between the white wall and the pink signage?

32 floors would be great here.



These were the renderings referenced above I think. (click the726 logo to the right to pull down the renders from above). Or just scroll up in this thread for the renders of 88 regent)

They should keep these. Looks good!



Still cant really tell what the cladding is made out of or how it is applied. But it is looking decent so far.


Fake or not, it looks pretty good.