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So it looks like they’re stopping after a single tower for now? Too bad.


The construction elevator is out and most of the windows are in.



Phase 2 approval is coming up at the August 15th council meeting. The site of phase 2 is steadily being cleared out, so I guess they’re just waiting on approvals now.


Love these buildings


Yup. When I walked past this yesterday they had expanded the fenced-off construction area and were in the process of knocking down some trees using an excavator instead of chainsaws (never seen that before, but it was quick and efficient!)

They’ve also built the curb and sidewalk for the Worth St extension in front of the new building.


They’re really confident about getting the approvals soon haha. It’s such prime real estate, so I’m happy they’re getting this off the ground. The recreation of the street grid will also really help here.


The lighting looks really great!

Images by Oron Zchut on Skyscraper City forums:


This looked like a done deal, but NIMBYs may now mobilize against the amendments to Phase II. Basically Forest City wants an amendment to allow them to move the Phase II tower over by ten or twenty yards. The changes are barely noticeable and this site is pretty far away from any of the NIMBY’s residences, but NIMBYs gonna NIMBY.

The first rendering is the currently allowed design:

The second is the proposed change:


Thanks for all the info! The NIMBYS don’t have a solid case here. The views from the park won’t be blocked much by the addition to the 2nd tower. The view corridor is still mostly intact.
That massing diagram makes the development look so massive! This is where the setback laws of Manhattan would be well applied lol. But it’s nice to see a masterplan of sorts. I might make a massing diagram of my own, to see its scale amongst the skyline.


Agreed! Keep in mind that the massing diagrams are maximum building envelope, but practically speaking the buildings are much smaller than the envelopes. For instance, the envelope allows 60 stories for the phase I and II towers, but there only going to be 35 stories. Also they’re set back a bit on the Warren St side from what the envelope allows


Will Phase 2 potentially have the 60 floor towers? It would be nice to have some real height here.


Phase 2 will just be the 35 story tower you see on the right hand side in the renderings.

Future phases may have taller towers, but I don’t think even the developer knows what they’re going to do yet for sure.


Finishing touches on the retail base


Putting up scaffolding for phase 2. The site is clearing out for pre-construction phase, but not too sure about that.


The tree lined “plaza” in front of the building. The sales office is already up and running and the street is also opened.


Apparently they are naming this one VYV?


Yesterday, from Provost sq.


I found a bunch of renderings that were posted by members of the Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Association.

From what I read, I think the redesign of the next tower was approved. I wonder when construction will start. I think when this is all finished, it’s going to look amazing!

Note in this photo the proposed San Remo tower next to the Double-Tree Hotel. Haven’t heard any news on that one in awhile.


Developer wants to start construction in May, but lets see what happens with that city council vote.