JERSEY CITY | Hudson Exchange West | FT | 35 FLOORS


Facade is almost complete.













This will be amazing.



They were digging and clearing more pavement to make way for the next tower.


Nice update, JC!




Great photos, JC

This looks nice!


Oron_Zchut at skyscrapercity reports that there’s piling going on at the site of the second building! I was there yesterday but somehow didn’t notice it…

Photo by Oron Zchut:

I hope it rises soon. The second building will entirely cover up the ugly parking deck at the end of the first tower (center left in the pic). And this entire project, once complete, will be one of the most transformative in Jersey City. 5,000 apartments and a public square replacing a giant suburban parking lot and strip mall! And it’ll connect the brownstones in Hamilton Park with Newport and the waterfront.


Jersey City’s skyline rivals or exceeds that of most “major cities,” such as Charlotte, Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, Portland, etc.


Jersey City skyline rivals that of Atlanta?? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Yes. With 99 Hudson.



Looks like they will be putting some cladding on the exposed sides of the garage.


Nice shots, JC


New cladding going up on the garage. No real movement on the next phase aside from those test piles and some of the pavement being torn up over the past few weeks.



Nice shots, jc