JERSEY CITY | Homestead Pl (5 Towers) | 18-25 FLOORS


Another one on the agenda for the New JSQ Neighborhood Association meeting this Wednesday, April 5 at 7pm at 2737 Kennedy Blvd (Starting Points Inc). If you live nearby, come out and be heard in support of the redevelopment of the existing surface parking lots!

A proposed mixed-use ground-up development on multiple sites located in
Journal Square between Newark Ave and the new Journal Squared Building.
The developer is proposing to deliver a pedestrian promenade starting
from Newark Avenue and leading directly to the PATH entrance under the
new Journal Squared Tower. The pedestrian promenade will be a cobble
stone, pedestrian-only, street lined with restaurants and retail shops
on the ground floor and a mix of other uses on the upper floors to
include commercial, office, Residential, and a Hotel Development on the
upper floors. There are a total of five buildings proposed in the Homestead Assemblage, with building heights ranging from 18 to 25 floors.


They’ll need a rezoning for this. They believe that , if they get the rezoning, they’ll be able to get shovels in the ground by the end of 2018. They’ve presented the project to several councilmembers and the city planner, and all were enthusiastic. Also people at the community meeting tonight were very excited about this one. I have little doubt they’ll get their rezoning.
Here’s a rendering of the pedestrian plaza, looking south toward Journal Squared: