JERSEY CITY | Ellipse | 445 FT | 43 FLOORS


Thats what i was saying! its like wildly bright


Agreed. It is an eyesore.


The lighting, the wave pattern, etc. brings a little of the trashiness of Miami. As expected of Arquitectonica.


Same architect as 606W57. :frowning:


Today. Keeps looking better the more the put the final touches on. However, I still have not seen these bright lights on the crown somehow. Hopefully they tone it down a bit if they are too bright.


The bright lights are the curvy sides of the building. So it’s where the balconies are. But only the side facing Manhattan. It’s definitely very bright lol. It goes down the entire height of the building too


Alright, I see what you mean about the lights now


Very beautiful!

Great shots, guys.


Yeah that does seem obnoxiously bright.


It’s a shame this wasn’t atleast 600-700 feet. It would’ve added to the canyon like feel of sailing up the Hudson.



They opened up the walkway along the water all the way out to where they are starting the park.


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Amazing shot YIMHudson.

Almost looks like a GTA screenshot.