JERSEY CITY | Ellipse | 445 FT | 43 FLOORS


Credit: RyanKirschnerImages


Great shots, guys






This turned into a sexy little building! Looks great!


got to see her in person and indeed sexy! Jersey City is doing some good stuff!


Nice! Where did you take that shot?

From a couple days ago


some park on the hudson that had biting flies!


welcome to New York in the summer hah. I love the summer but in New York its just too much sometimes hah


The lighting will be interesting for sure. They have started work on the interiors and it’s now leasing.


Not surprised that it’s 60% leased. Those views are forever! Haha


I was hanging out at my equinox’s rooftop pool in the west village when the lights on this tower came on, they have incorporated some bright lights to line the wave pattern going down it, it really was an eyesore facing manhattan it actually hurt to look at it was so bright. they need to tone it down


This tower is so Miami in its nature.


Moving this to complete. Pretty much a wrap.

A great success!


Taken from u/Nexus4Jersey on Jersey City’s subreddit


Great shot, Kevin!


I love Borat!


Still working on the garage a few days ago


The lighting on this building facing Manhattan is bright. It’s like they installed two giant floodlights on every floor.