JERSEY CITY | Ellipse | 445 FT | 43 FLOORS



Extra rendering. Also, this is u.c. :slight_smile:

LeFrak starts building 17th residential tower in Jersey City’s Newport

Construction has begun on the newest residential tower that will call the Jersey City Waterfront home.

LeFrak is building Ellipse, a 43-story high-rise in Newport. The nearly 600,000-square-foot tower will include 376 apartments and ground-floor retail and commercial space.

Ellipse will be the 17th residential building in the Newport section of Jersey City. Plans were approved back in 2007.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2017.


This is the Age of Ramses!


Credit: nyc_alex


A good start!




3 weeks ago


And today


Great updates!




Although this isn’t huge, it’s going to make quite an impact given its location over the water!


Taken today from between hoboken and jc/newport

Looks like a few more floors added since last update. Keeping pace of 1 floor every 7-8 days.


This is Great news!!!


This one will have quite the impact I think, first due to the fact it is rather tall but alsp like Vortex said, considering it is on a pier


I agree, Robert.


Still growing fast. Taken today from hoboken terminal light rail station.


This is now almost 1 floor every 4-5 days.


It’s certainly growing fast. :slight_smile:




Still rising fast…

You can now see a protrusion on the west side where it appears will be an entrance to the top of the garage where there will be a pool (according to that render.)