JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


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I agree that the pricing seems absurd these days in JC. This and Park and Shore are asking over $1000/sqft for even the base units. I am surprised they can actually get that. Yes it is close to Manhattan, but it still most certainly is not Manhattan. Who is paying $1.3 million for a small 2-bed on the 2nd floor over looking a Target parking lot???


In prime parts of Brooklyn, you can’t get a 2 bedroom in a new construction high rise for $1.3 million. JC prices don’t seem crazy to me.

Again, this is not intended to be affordable to most folks. Regular people aren’t going to afford the most expensive buildings in the state, right across the river from basically the center of the world.


Photo by @harborsidejc

It’s peeking out!




Look at it this way…the same residences in Manhattan would be 2x as much. So for IMO a better view - your paying half the cost.

BTW that pool on the 8th Floor of the parking garage is going to be killer…just trust me on this one!


I agree that the view is beautiful. I currently have unrestricted access, and I love it. There is a reason why Manhattan is so expensive. And as much as I love living in JC, it is not Manhattan. Affordability is very different from value, in my opinion. I may end up buying an apartment in the building, but I am in no hurry.

Please tell me it is an indoor pool… pls pls. Any more nice information for us, pls do share :slight_smile:


Not only is this not for regular people, I am convinced most of these won’t be occupied much of the year. Remember that the developer is a Chinese company. It’s likely many of the buyers will be Chinese elites trying to move their (ill gotten?) assets out of the country to store them somewhere safe.
The values proposition isn’t as attractive for someone who isn’t in that position.
Not great,but on the bright side within 5 years they’ll be paying a ton in property taxes without consuming much in the way of city services.


Picture taken Oct 3rd [x-post from u/mariuszlo on]


Wow. That shot up!


This morning.




Wow, this thing is moving along with pace!


The base or podium is already stellar. High quality, and very friendly on the eyes.


Dark window frames with a masonry facade is usually a winner, no matter the style.


Looks good so far, when do you guys think it’s top out?


Going to take a estimate and say Q4 2018 based on how its rising.


Can tell you the original schedule for the Superstructure Concrete Contractor was 20 Mos…so with a Mid Feb 17 Start that puts topping out at Sep 18 - assuming all has remained the same and baring any weather delays. So not a bad guess chris08876