JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


Yeah, started at Journal Sq but the weather changed.



I wonder how long this will hold the title of tallest in nj!


a 95 story tower (55 Hudson Street) is slated behind 30 Hudson Street. Hopefully we’ll get news soon.


Hasn’t been an update on that since 2015. Wouldn’t be surprised if its greatly scaled back upon the full reveal.


From today


This looks great


Definitely started on the tower portion!



Credit: @rolsol


This is one of the projects I was the most excited for!
This is giving me the density and heights I dream of for outside manhattan.


I’ll have a perfect view of this project from my office in lower Manhattan. When can I expect to see this pop through the small building in front of it?


At the rate they’re moving I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to catch a glimpse of it this fall


I really dream of the day when both sides of both rivers are lined with Skyscrspers


Hopefully We Will witness that in our lifetime, its already happening


Here’s the view I have right now. I’ll be sure to post an update once I start seeing it from lower Manhattan!


Awesome viewpoint GWL. You’ll be able to keep a great eye on this project


Cant wait to see this progress. I worked in JC from 04 to 09. Cant believe how much the skyline has changed.


I’d say we’re a few months away or even a month away from seeing some cladding. The brackets that lock facade panels into place are almost all done on all sides of the lower floors.