JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


This will be amazing.


This tower is a sleeper. Keep forgetting it exists. It will suprise folks.



Especially from certain streets driving east towards Downtown JC. Grand St, driving towards the river, will lose the view of the Freedom Tower to 99 Hudson. Which is crazy haha

From this view, it’ll be to the left of the blue towers.








Getting big!

Credit: Russell Sprague

A shot like this really helps one appreciate the space this tower takes up. 900 ft of it down the line. A whole city block too!


From this rendering

It appears as though the tower will only occupy one corner of the site while the rest is a parking garage I assume, or perhaps just more condos, just not part of the tower.

Am I reading this wrong or what?


Might be condos. I don’t believe this has a parking component. There is retail at the base. Public space as well. Tower is essentially all residential + retail at the base.

I’d imagine its residential amenities. Things like gyms, spa, daycare, ect in the podium that is.


Most of the base is just 1 huge parking garage (600+ spaces) with retail at the base. (15k ft). Most of the construction pics lately arent distorted. Those are all parking garage ramps so it looks wonky.

The eastern 1/3 of this base is where the main tower will be for the 780+ condos.


Ah so there is parking. Interesting.

I thought it was public amenities? 600 spaces is a lot now that I think about it.

They did a good job of designing it in that case. It doesn’t look like a deck either so thats a plus.


Yeah I really like the overall design for such a massive development and it does appear that they will have hid the garage well with good cladding.

I think they have only a few more floors before topping out the base. Then the rest is all tower!


The parking deck will stop at the 8th Floor, who’s the roof will be one giant amenity space with a very large pool. The amenity spaces will continue to the 9th, 10th floor into the tower where the Condo’s will start on the 11th Floor.

I’m very excited to see this progress over the next 2+ years!


Yeah it’s a huge amount of parking, about .75. spots per unit. 0 parking is required in this area and developers tend not to build much more parking than required. But it replaces a gargantuan surface lot, so maybe they wanted to keep some of those spaces.


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From 6/15




Must have just missed each other!