JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


From Flickr:

20181111105208_3H2A9894 by Lloyd Tapper, on Flickr

So is this thing topped out? It looks like it, but I was expecting it to be taller.


I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed also. I think it’s beautiful but somehow I was expecting a larger presence on the skyline


Yes its topped out.

Make it full screen. This drone footage is epic when it comes to 99 Hudson coverage.


It’s not a huge height bump up from the Goldman Sachs Tower. But with a straight line for reference you can definitely tell it has a 100 feet or so on its neighbor.


Wow, that is one absolutely beautiful building. The cladding and glass perfectly compliment each other. I love it! :smiley: Thanks for sharing that video Chris


Pics by me. Taken today.

20181116_083541 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

When I zoomed in, you can see it. Via the Calcutta express aka the Northeast Corridor. Packed, given the delays due to snow and trees falling. Yet again, when weather is good, this NJ transit steel box has massive delays anyways.

20181116_083639 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr



The next stage of glass installation has started. Even more glassy now. Also, the Powerhouse is getting closer to finally being revitalized. Can’t wait to see who the city chooses to develop it and it’s future.


looks to be properly topped out now.


I think we’re at the roof, but looking at renders there’s probably going to be a small steel crown to go up too


Taken today


99 Hudson from EWR

Manhattan Skyline from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) Newark NJ by mbell1975, on Flickr




From my roofdeck last night


you have an awesome view!


Another place I need to visit next time I come to the city!


You can get the same or even better views from the new pavilion we just built at riverview park. Can pretty much get an entire panarama of midtown, downtown and jc.



Marked on my map, thanks!


I love that park. Grab some goodies from Dulce de Leche and bring it there. My day would be made haha