JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


New-York-Août18-666.jpg by Carlo Santangelo, on Flickr


Taken today


What do you guys think, about a 100 feet to go?


Yup, it passed 30 Hudson


Stopped by my alumnus, Saint Peter’s University, and decided to take these from the corner across from J2 on Pavonia


And a few from Montgomery Street as well


Hello everyone! I felt compelled to join and contribute to this a bit as I’m an iron worker from Local 11 currently working with the company erecting the superstructures tower. First and foremost wonderful pictures by all! It’s so great seeing the fruits of our labor from so many perspectives. Friday marked the completion of the 75th floor! I’m not sure of our overall elevation at this point, I can update that Monday, we are getting into the penthouse and mechanical floors so very high and intricate detailing. I will say its a nuch invited break from the main tower structure, begins to feel like groundhog day!! It has been quite a project to be on and everyone involved has invested blood, sweat and tears, quite literally. I’m proud to be part of this and hopefully this marks just the beginning for growth of the potential of this area.


This was taken on July 26th. I’ll gladly snap some pictures if anyone would like to see anything from my end. I’m actually able to enjoy lunch a bit with the weather breaking from this heat so I can give my best at taking some pictures


Hey @Hodgexj! Thanks for joining our community here and thanks for giving us a new perspective of the work you and your fellow ironworkers are doing! We are all watching diligently! This is definitely a symbol of the growth of this city. Cheers!


Hodgexj, thanks so much for joining the forums! It’s awesome to have you here. Fantastic work on this tower as it is truly setting a new standard for JC.


Thanks for joining!

This was from the ferry yesterday.


Thanks for joining friend. Welcome to la familia.

Excellent 1st and 2nd post. Hitting the ground running is what we like. :beers:


Thankyou! I happened upon this forum by chance googling pictures to show my gf. There’s a few time lapse videos floating around as well, nothing too detailed but an interesting perspective to see things from nonetheless. Hopefully with this weather front moving in it’ll push some of the smog out and I can get some good pictures of the surrounding area. I had quite a few on my old phone, but that fell victim to work. Any requests for photo content, I’ll be happy to oblige to the best of my abilities!




Looking good so far


Credit: Rich Ryan


Zoomed a photo to get this:

Original credit for full image: Tom Hart


Im very happy with this tower. I was at pier 45 recently and was happy with the Jersey Skyline. The new outlet skylines of NYC are really adding to the vibe.



From last weekend: