JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


that’s good. It will have a taller companion soon. :smiley:


Taken today.


Nice update!


I wonder, in what new places this will pop up from behind the trees? That’s one of my favorite things about taller and taller buildings. They extend the presence of a skyline further and further away.


Time lapse video of the full project up till now


From the last few days




Its really standing out now.

Credit: teekay72


Dang look at all these (not so) little clusters. What a nice perspective.


About to pass 101 Hudson (548 feet tall)


Testing out new equipment.



Looks real good Tec :slight_smile:


It’s interesting how Jersey City hasn’t been plagued by poor quality high rises like Downtown Brooklyn. Nothing showstopping, but nothing terrible.


So true.




Maybe it’s the competition of being in the city vs out of it.


Very true. Jersey City has quality and a good mix of office and residential. Downtown Brooklyn looks cheap has been a disappointment so far.


Funny how Philly was like that back in the 70’s, but when One Liberty Place was finished in '87 that started the skyscraper boom. Maybe 99 Hudson will be the One Liberty Place of JC


Credit: Jersey Digs


This morning.