JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson Street | 899 FT | 76 FLOORS


Glass is going up slowly, but every time I’m there, there’s always at least 2 or 3 cement trucks. I think the materiality will really make this stand out.



already makes a big impact and its not even close to topping out


Taken this morning.


I love how fast they’re moving with this, no foot dragging. It looks like its more than halfway up already!


Awesome, cladding is now visible on the skyline too!


More shots here
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My borfriend got to go to 4WTC today and snapped a few pics for me


At first I thought it was just a typo, but this is the second post I’ve seen where you’ve said “borfriend” so now I really don’t know


Maybe its a friend from bor Russia?? (,_Russia)








The stone pattern is similar to 35 Hudson Yards.


“99 Hudson Street Surpasses Halfway Point To 900′ Pinnacle”


Very beautiful!!!



It’s gonna look awesome when it’s done


Taken today:


rise, Jersey.

Regional Service by Michael Sullivan, on Flickr


Love Jersey’s shorter, fatter 432 Park.